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Monday, January 19, 2015

Random Post - Around Here

We have had some hot days...
44.9C  (113F)

And some much needed rain...

This is how I dry clothes without a clothes dryer when it is raining and humid!
Hubby needed his uniform for work.

Rainy day sunset.

On my needles...

Some boot toppers for my daughter to take on her overseas trip next month.
 She liked them, and would like another two pair in different shades.

 For those that don't know, these are boot toppers J

From the garden to the kitchen.
Kale, rhubarb, cucumber, grapes, celery.
Zucchini, capsicum, tomatoes.
The kale, celery and cucumber were used in green juices.  I also tried making kale chips.

And zucchini chips.

I stuffed and baked some over sized zucchini, vegetarian style, oh so yum!


I have been playing around with some bread making using this recipe.  I had run out of dinner rolls so instead of running to the shop to get more, I had a go at making my own.

My first attempt looked more like small lunch rolls, although they were still eaten. The second batch turned out a little too big, they were more like hamburger buns lol!

Bread rolls rising in the warm car...

The finished product
Hamburger buns!

That's okay though, they were soon gobbled up when I made chicken burgers for lunch the next day.

I decided to have another attempt yesterday...

 Here is the dough after forty minutes in the warm car.

I divided the dough in half, then took one half and divided down the middle, formed into rounds and placed in the loaf tin. The other half was formed into dinner rolls.  I did this by rolling dough into a circle and cutting into twelve triangles. I then rolled them from the wide side in. 

I placed them back into the warm car to rise for another forty minutes. Then they were baked for thirty minutes.

 This time they turned out better, so I was happy, and they taste pretty good too.

 I also made some naan bread but I seem to have forgotten to take a photo...

I mixed up a double batch of Cranberry Hootycreek Biscuits and baked half and froze the rest for later.


I am getting back into walking mode.  I definitely need to after all the Christmas food I consumed...just thirty to forty minutes a day, when I can fit it in.

Progress is slow with the shed.  
Hubby says he is going for the record of slowest shed build ever lol!

How was your week?


  1. What is that lovely piece of wooden furniture next to the fan?

  2. Our house is full of old furniture Phil. Most of it has been inherited from family :)

  3. Tania, I think you could probably bake your bread in the car too, couldn't you? LOL! 44 degrees!!! I can't cope with our 34C. Your garden is still producing well I must say.

  4. Tania your knitting is amazing! You are a much better knitter than me! I love the boot toppers.
    Your baking is wonderful. I also put dough to rise in the car!
    Your produce from the garden and cooking... all beautiful. You are very productive. I loved seeing hubby in the background and I love a nice hamburger!
    Very inspiring post! xx

  5. If you folks were my neighbors, I would always be dropping by just about lunch time to say hello!

    I like your boot toppers. I have never heard of them, but they make sense.

  6. Hi Tania. You've inspired me to try making rolls next weekend. I smiled at the idea of raising in the car. We have a utility room with a boiler in England that would do the job but we're de - icing our cars at the moment

  7. Morning Tania, the boot toppers look really cool! I have never seen them before but what an awesome idea :)How delish does your bread look?! I think I may just have to go and make some spelt bread today after seeing this. Have a great day.....hope it's not 44deg again though! sheesh that's hot. Ruth xx

  8. Goodness what a busy girl you are and what lovely bread (she drools on her second mth of carb free). When its 40 down here we do nothing. At 38 its down tools at the factory. Being a giant tin shed it literally becomes an oven and here you are baking. Go Girl, i want you in my team.

  9. I have never made hamburger buns but they look good and have to be better than store bought ones. 113F is plenty hot, I could handle a few days of that heat.
    Those fresh vegetable look wonderful, still months away from any here.

  10. Great idea to use the car to help with your baking Tania! Great too that you are still getting so much produce in the hottest time of the year. cheers Wendy

  11. Your vege look good for the hot weather. Our hottest day so far has been 43C. That is how I have dried clothes during rainy weather as well. Great boot toppers.

  12. Bread looks great, I should really make some too. So many veggies to use up and process in such high temperatures, 44C would kill me, too hot.

  13. The weather is weird for sure.. The vegies are growing like mad , it has never been this good :))
    Your bread making is tops beats mine hands down..but oh so tasty :))
    Have a great week Tania :))

  14. Great looking bread Tania and i'm sure the chicken burgers were yummy.

  15. Good to see you've had some rain to settle the dust. Gee, that really is a slow-go shed build, I'd sack the builder if I were you!
    I just pulled a batch of rolls out of the oven, I just hate store bought ones now, so does Gus!

  16. Wow you have been busy. Love the toppers. As I'm on a no carb diet I havnt made breqd for a while. But I miss it. The weather here has been up and down but very humid. Today will be another humid day. I too just hang the washing inside and as the air conditioner is on, set at 22. It dries them nicely

  17. Tania your bread is looking pretty good and those hamburger buns...I loved the boot warmers as well and it's only recently I came across them up until then I hadn't heard of them. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  18. How do you job in the heat and I am impressed that you are still baking! I have no excuse then.

  19. wow, that's a long post and much to comment on! Your garden is doing great considering the heat. I haven't seen boat toppers before, but I like the concept (for the 3 weeks it gets cold enough to wear boots here!). Bread looks fantastic too. Thanks for sharing all your pics!


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