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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Random pics ~ the ones that dont make it

Good evening friends,

I take a lot of photos, but not all get published on here. So I thought I would do this post with some of the photos that don't always make it...They are in no particular order.

One of my roses. The plants are still small, but the blooms are getting bigger and prettier...

A chocolate cake I made for my daughters birthday back in May...I used Mimi's recipe for "Best ever chocolate cake".

The gift I received from my daughter in law for Mother's day...

Homemade biscuits.

And some flowers from them both.

 A healthy rise on a sourdough loaf...

A photo of my sons x-ray of his teeth.  As you can see on the bottom, his wisdom teeth are definitely going to cause him problems, so he has to have them out. He has decided to get all four removed...ouch!

Golden syrup pudding using Annabel's recipe...

Morning walk...

Pretty tablecloth, op shop find...

Another op shop find. A lovely sideboard runner in perfect condition and perfect fit.

I picked one fig off a tree I have in a pot...


Just because...

A meal cooked on top of the fire.

New border on an old blanket...

Free acrobats from my back yard...

New babies were born...

Two baby sleepy {shingleback} lizards...they looked so cute with one of his legs wrapped over the other one. Only a few hours old here.  They look bigger than they actually are, probably only 5-6 inches long. A bit hard to see them properly in the shadows. These stayed around for about a week then disappeared. Hopefully after Winter I will see them again...

Tempting them with food.

 Food...bean burgers ready for the freezer.


Knitted this cutie at Easter time.

I see you...

Hubby has an addiction!

A gift from Annabel, as exchange for a soap saver...

A gift I crocheted for my daughters birthday.

Getting creative for the gift cupboard.

Unusual cloud formation just before strong wind and dust storm...the dust can be seen at the bottom of the cloud.

The best sound there is...

That s all for tonight folks.

See you soon,



  1. Wow! You have been busy. Thanks for sharing all of your lovely photos.

    1. Always busy doing something Stephenie xxx

  2. Lots of lovely photos and I love the crochet blanket and hot water bottle cover. I just had my last wisdom tooth removed a couple of months ago in the chair...they have all been done in the chair and then I drive myself home. Thankfully not all at once.

    1. These teeth will be pulled while he is knocked out. He is going to be in a bad way when he wakes up..


  3. Everything is lovely Tania. I especially love the pic of your hubby sorting through his LP's. See the gramaphone just to the right of him ... I have that exact same player. Do you use yours I wonder? I need to find some more needles for mine - the right kind. Have a lovely week my friend xx

    1. Yes our gramophone is in good working order, but not used much for fear of getting parts should it need repairing. We do have needles and records for this old treasure.

      A lovely week to you also Julie, hope you are feeling better and ready for more crafting xxx

  4. Thanks for sharing, Tania.
    Those scones made me hungry. 🙂

    1. Those scones were delicious, I must make some more xxx

  5. Tania, my son had four wisdom teeth pulled out as a teen and it was done in the dentist's chair with no anaesthetic as he was fully awake the whole time. He doesn't have private cover so it was done at the public hospital. Ouch!!!

  6. Your son's wisdom tooth operation, should go smoothly. My husband had one, many moons ago. It seemed scary because they were going to put him under general anaesthetic. But it was only a day operation. A few hours recovery, and he was on his way back home again. Just plenty of soups when you're allowed to eat again. Your knitted bunny was so cute, and indeed, the sound of rain is filled with delight. We received a thunder storm, this morning. Which is uncharacteristic, as we normally receive those in summer. It's always gentle rain, during winter.


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