Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Busy Day

Today has been a cooler day with the temperature reaching 37 degrees Celcius.

We took the opportunity travel to the nearby City of Whyalla to do some shopping. I needed some trays for storing things in my drawers. I also wanted to do some Op shopping but there was only one open due to the Christmas break. I did get myself a couple of bargains and will tell you about them in my next post.

This pic is of my hubby in a Locomotive cab. He is a Locomotive Driver and gets to travels great distances across South Australia. Some trains can be 1800 metres (1.8kilometres) in length and 5000 tonnes in weight. He regularly travels the Nullabor Plain to a remote town called Cook. Other places he gets to go to are: Whyalla, Adelaide, Broken Hill and Manguri (near Coober Pedy).

This picture is of hubby again (pictured on the left in this photo).
A few years ago Phil had the opportunity along with Peter (also pictured) to drive the record breaking longest Ghan which was 1.2 kilometres long, carrying almost 600 passengers. Train consisted of 45 carriages and two Locomotives and travelled from Alice Springs to Darwin. This photo was taken at the Alice Springs terminal.
This happened shortly after the new Alice Springs to Darwin railway line was opened.
That's all for tonight folks, see you tomorrow.

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