Thursday, January 3, 2008

On the Road

Today was meant to be a restful day, but hubby has decided we are going for a trip to Ceduna, on the Far West Coast as he has a brick saw that needs picking up. He bought it in Perth of eBay and it has been transported as far as Ceduna. It was cheaper to buy a bricksaw and have it shipped than to pay someone to come and cut the pavers for around our pool. We will be leaving later today when it is a bit cooler and heading home tomorrow early to beat the heat.

This will be a short post as I have a bit to orgainise before we leave.

This photo is of my thrift shop finds from yesterday. I found a nice little suitcase just nice for storing photos for $2.00, two items of clothing for me $5.00, three side dishes for $1.00ea, Jenny Craig no dieting cookbook as new $2.00, Opening the Dore on ADD/ADHD book as new for $2.00 (price on the back of book was $32.95 from Dymocks). This is a fairly recent publication. An old knitting book as new for .10c, a large reading book for preschoolers $1.50 and a large floor puzzle $1.50.

I have included this picture of two of our rain water tanks and the solar panels on the roof of our shed. This is not yet connected. Its been a long wait as we ordered the panels last Easter, hopefully the set up is up and running by this Easter. We are hoping to purchase a wind generator and backup batteries a bit later. To the right of the picture is our chook yard with a smaller tank to catch the excess. Our proud Aussie flag flying high today with the breeze.
Hope you are all well. I must away and do some work. Bye for now.

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