Thursday, January 10, 2008

We are roasting here

The best place to be in this weather. The pool got a workout today.

We were the hottest place in the state today reaching 45 degrees Celcuis. Not much fun when there are nectarines waiting to be picked. Most were not quite ready before today, now they may be ruined. I went to check during the day and quite a few have been burnt. We have a cheeky fox coming in and eating the fruit from under the tree. There is a little pile of stones just near the tree with a trail of stones nearby. Bet he has a tummy ache. I did manage to pick and stew some nectarines and I also tried preserving as shown in pictures.

Nectarines ready for stewing. They are now in the freezer for use later.

The preserves, these were done in the microwave. The rest I will do in a preserving kit that we have bought.

My pantry, the "Disaster" area.

That's better, organisation at last. This took me two days to sort through and clean up and I am determined for the pantry to stay like this. The smallest room in the house and the hardest to keep clean!
Must away and get some sleep and dream of cooler weather. Here's hoping that happens tomorrow.

Take care,

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  1. You've done a great job on the cupboard. I hope you're not too hot there today. Here it's overcast and around 30.


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