Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Little Athlete

Our son Jack does well at athletics or any sport in general. At his local school sports day he won most of his events. He came first in high jump, long jump, 100 metres, 200 metres, 500 metres and the relays. In shot put he didn't do so well as he is a slight build with not much muscle in his arms. Discus he came second. Not a bad achievement for a 12 year old. He will get to compete later this year against all the local schools in a district sports day. Jack won all the running events when he competed at District sports day last year.
High jump clearing 1.31 metres. Nervous Dad watching on.

Winning the 100 metre sprint.

Guess where he went a few weeks later? He was selected to run in the country areas SAPSASA competition at Santos Stadium in Adelaide. This is the main Athletics stadium in the state of South Australia.

Here Jack is coming third in his 100 metre heat. He is the one in blue. Unfortunately he missed out on the final by 200th of a second. Bugger!!! He competed in this event last year and got to the final to finish 8th in the state against all the country kids.

Being lead off the track at the finish of the race. Jack is the one with the number 32.
A proud moment for his parents and himself.
This year Jack has been competing in some SAPSASA (South Australia Primary Schools Amateur Sporting Association) competitions including Hockey and Soccer. He has been asked to come out to train for the soccer team but won't know for a few weeks if he has been selected to play in Adelaide. If he is chosen this means we will be spending a full week in Adelaide while he competes. He was also asked to play hockey, but he didn't like that game so much, although he seemed to be good at it. Jack plays under 13 aussie rules football too.
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