Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One of those days

Ever had one of those days when you feel like you should have stayed in bed?

Monday for me was one of those days. I had everything for my day planned out and was busy preparing our family meal, when the gas oven died..... I put a batch of impossible pies in and turned it on. It fired up okay but within 10 minutes it had turned off and I couldn't get it started again.

I went outside and dragged hubby inside to take a look. He spent the next few hours fiddling around with the oven, making phonecalls trying to find a tradesperson to come and have a look and pricing to get a new one should it not be able to be fixed. Turns out there is only one gas fitter in our town and he is booked out for the next TWO weeks.

Now I know hubby is a busy man but for the last seven years I have suggested that there was something not right with this oven and it needed looking at. I mentioned this nearly every time I used it. Two years ago he tried to get someone to come and have a look but it was the same sad story that they had too much work and couldn't come around. So it was deemed unimportant. Don't fix something until it is broke right?!

Only trouble was that we had a nice snapper in the fridge that was kindly given to us by dear friends that needed to be baked. Oh dear! Another friend visited us that day amongst all the mayhem and suggested using a webber. So hubby remembering that he had a cheaper type webber thingy tucked away somewhere in his shed proceded to clean it up and fire it up. So the snapper did get cooked okay and I baked a lemon pudding in the webber and that turned out fine also. The snapper is pictured below and it is missing it's tail and some other bits that dh had already eaten before I got to take a picture. It was delicious.

I have had to rearrange my meals though so that I won't have to use an oven. So there will be no desserts, cakes and bikkies etc for a while, much to everyones disappointment.

A few flowers that are in my garden today. The trusty old geraniums are doing well at the moment and add some bright colour to the barren garden.

Lovely pink one.

And another beautiful bird of paradise, the colours are brilliant.
Take care,

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  1. Hi Tania. I am guessing you are waiting out the two weeks. It is like the middle of summer when it is too hot to use the oven, though this year, we just used it anyway except maybe for a few days if that. We had a blackout and our hot water timer is out by five hours or something. I did get a hot shower this morning which is great. I love gas stoves, hope it all turns out well.


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