Thursday, May 22, 2008

Out the back

After the weatherman promising we would get heaps of rain, we ended up with 1mm (4points). Our capital city Adelaide three hours away had over 50mms (200points or 2 inches). Here is a picture of what we received. I expected to get up the next morning to the lovely sound of rain on our verandah but it had all passed by through the night.

Spot, splat, spit!!

I have added some pictures that my daughter has taken of the scenery where we go walking. The past few mornings we have seen some kangaroos watching us close by but haven't had the camera with us.

I have been so busy since stopping work I really don't know how I fitted everything in. I am enjoying cooking from scratch and I have had time to plan our meals which makes life so much easier. I must say that the desserts I have been making aren't doing much for our weight watching. They are really nice though!
I am hoping to get time to post regularly on my blog. Another post tomorrow I promise.
Hope your day was a good one,


  1. The last photo would be great to put into Sky Watch. Tom is a great host.

    Thanks for visiting my blog it meant a lot. What kind of desserts have you been making? I have some apples I have to stew up.

    I look forward to checking your blog.

  2. Love these photos, they are fantastic.


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