Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tour of our home, part one

Today for those that are interested I would like to take you on a tour of our home.

This is looking straight out my front door. (We are Adelaide Crows fans, hence the flags)

Slightly left of front door.

Right side view from front door.

Left side view from front door.

Picture of the front of our home.

This is the entry to the house, and what you see upon walking in the front door. The washstand is one of the pieces of furniture given to us by my parents to restore (was painted blue, my mum loved blue). Beneath the washstand is a restored butter churn from my parents also.

This is what you will see next, the lounge/living area. The house is open planned and this area is large. I still haven't bought a new lounge suite, as I can't find any I like yet. I need to take another angle of this room so you can get some idea of the size and shape. I will do that later.

Pictured here is the timber ceiling, absolutely beautiful when you first see it.

Next is the dining area, sorry I have missed getting most of the table in. Will take a better picture soon. Kitchen dresser I found in my dad's workshop full of his tools. This was painted pink, green and black. It was without the back but we managed to find one that fitted perfectly in a second hand shop. The meatsafe is dhs that he inherited from his uncles shearing shed, he has restored it back to its former glory. I use it for the daycare craft materials at the moment, but I want to eventually use it for my collection of patchwork quilts and linens.

View of my kitchen from dining room side.

Some dishcloths I have been knitting. These sit on the window sill in the kitchen.

Heart of the home and the place I spend most of my time. The kitchen...

View taken from the window end of the kitchen. Here is the pantry...

Another view from the dining area showing the high kitchen bench.

This is what you see when looking out the sliding door leading to the outside from the dining area. Sad, dead lawn sorry! We are thinking of paving this spot as we are not allowed to water the lawns.

Looking slightly left from sliding door.

Lastly we have what I see when going out the back door. You guessed it, this is the door leading from the laundry. Sorry again for the dead lawn. We don't quite know what to do with this area. Maybe planting small native shrubs and grasses might be the go.
More to follow in the next few blogs.
Kindest regards

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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos. I just noticed you like retro canisters. Everything is lovely, and you have what I call a real verandah, where they look Australian underneath if that makes sense.


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