Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tour of our home, part two

Continuing on from yesterday's post....

A better photo of the dining area.

More of the lounge/living/family room from different angles,

and again...
Nice warm fire for winter.

Next is the main bathroom pictures.

This bathroom has two doors either side, one leads to the second bedroom.

This bathroom is massive, it is hard to show in photos.

The spa that rarely gets used because of water restrictions.

The basins and cupboards, heaps of storage as you can see.

Onto the laundry, please excuse the untidiness, this tends to be the dumping room.

The view from the entry...

View from back door...

View of window. Whoops.. I could do with a new laundry basket.

This is another large room. Excellent wall to wall to ceiling storage cupboards. There are three of these, could only fit two and a bit in photo.
Thats all for today folks,


  1. Hi Tania,
    I really enjoyed the tour of your house, I would love a laundry as big as yours. Have enjoyed reading your blog will be back to read more.

    have a good evening...


  2. Lovely and spacious. I have a washboard, maybe I will get it up one day.

    I was tagged today by Belinda Moore. So I hope you don't mind I have tagged you. I hope you play and have fun.




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