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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Creepy crawly and sundown

This is the biggest spider I have ever seen.

I went out late last night to water my herb garden and walked right over this thing. It wasn't until I came back to the steps that I realised there was something there. I nearly jumped clean out of my skin at the size of this creature, and ugly would be the best way to describe it. Maybe it could be a baby Tarantula!! I would guess the body size to be about 2cm long, then add the legs. Anyone knowing the breed of spider can let me know. Just what I needed to see before hopping into bed.

It sends a shiver down my spine just looking at it.
This was our sunset on Sunday. The sun was blood red as it disappeared behind the horizon.There is smoke haze still hanging around and it was quite thick yesterday and Sunday. The smoke tends to sit lazily in the gullies and hangs around all day. You can see some of the haze in the photos. We have no wind yet today, it is actually a beautiful flat calm morning and the water in the gulf was like glass as I crossed over the bridge to take ds to school.
The temperature is 35C (95F) today, not too hot yet, hopefully the hottest days of our climate have passed for this year as the new season is dawning. The longer days are beginning to become shorter.
I have been spending my days busy catching up on my housework that I have got behind with. Because I worked everyday last week it hasn't taken long for the dust and disorder to take over.

I am contemplating doing away with my flower garden. It is sad to think about as I have built it up so it is looking really nice. But with the dire water crisis in South Australia and the extreme weather conditions we have been experiencing, I think I will need to forego the flowers and replace them with desert plants.

Please keep the people in Victoria in your prayers as the death toll continues to rise, 189 dead at last count. There are still fires burning and they are threatening to cause more damage.

Enjoy your day,

x Tania


  1. I just happened onto your blog.
    We here at our house are praying for the fire victims there.
    It is so tragic.
    I have always wanted to visit Australia. My dad once had a workmate from Toowomba, I think, Somewhere called The Darling Downs.
    I went to the link and looked at the photos. They are awesome.
    Thanks for posting the link.

  2. Hi Tania,
    I hate spiders and that one was very ugly.
    I dont know the breed but there is one called a wolf spider and they are very poisiones.
    I looks very similar, so watch out for them

  3. Hi Tania,
    That is an ugly spider.
    I hate spiders.

  4. Tania, I'm pretty certain it's a female Mouse Spider.


    They're NOT nice, so be careful around her!!

  5. Tania, I am so sorry to hear that things are still burning,between that and the hot weather it must be doozy of a summer.
    My heart saddens at the thought of the loss of your flower garden, but I understand the water situation. Take care.

  6. My husband think the same as Tatermama.

    "Looks like a mouse spider which is very similar to the Sydney funnel web, just as aggressive etc. Live in a hole in the ground."

    "I have seen a mouse spider in wangaratta and I know exactly how they behave and look... (they are extremely scary and aggressive)"


  7. Hi Tania

    Okay, you freaked me out right from the beginning! I am totally arachnaphobic and probably won't sleep tonight!!!!!
    I haven't seen one of those spiders before - sure looks like a funnelweb to me, only not black enough. Is it a mouse spider because it eats mice or because if is the size of a mouse or because it lives in a hole like a mouse? Quite honestly, don't answer that because I'm not that interested. The less I talk, see, hear of spiders the better. Yuuuuuuck!
    **goosebumps all over** **cold sweats too**
    K18 actually has a huntsman in her Ford Focus at the moment - guess what she is not driving? Until she sees evidence of a body, smashed to smithereens, she will not drive that car and hey, I don't blame her. If it were me and it jumped out, I'd probably run clear up a pine tree (in my car)!!

    It is mid February and hunty season so I am now on the lookout for lurking shadows on walls and windows. B15 and I are alone for 2 nights so we don't need any little visitors! I have been known to call the next door neighbour man to squish spidey.

    Okay so I am rambling now, time for bed.

    Night - Joolz :)

  8. Hi Tania again

    Tatersmama would have to be delusional if she thinks you didn't kill that thing, right??

    Tell me it's gone to heaven?


  9. Tania, can you bucket water on to your plants? I use my shower water and have just hooked up a hose to use the washing machine rinse water as well.
    I won't be able to save everything, but I can save (hopefully) a few favorites.

  10. Hi Tania! Yeah I think it is a mouse spider, we had one not long ago in the house (not a good feeling).

    I'm glad your days have been a bit cooler, we have been having a lot of wind and drizzly rain and one bad hail storm. Up north have had the fair share of rain and I heard about 5000 have moved out because of flooding . It is hard to believe what is going on here with fire, rain and the enviroment

  11. Dont mouse spiders have bigger fangs? I think it's either a wolf spider (elongated head), or a trap-door spider (fat bum).
    Have you tried google?
    ~S. xo

  12. We mainly get huntsman spiders here. Not sure what yours is. We catch ours in a spider jar and hubby takes them down the bush backyard and lets them go. When we get too many we sometimes put soapy water in the jar and drown them instead.

  13. I have to tell you...if I saw that thing I think I would have to move back into the city.
    I live in the US and I just can't imagine. I know we have large spiders...just not in my house or even near it for that matter.
    You are a brave, brave woman.
    My nephew studied in Perth for 6 months and LOVED it. I think he would still be there if his visa hadn't run out.
    You have a new follower. i can't wait to read your entire blog.

  14. not a Funnelweb is it? Mouse or Wolf?


  16. Oh he looks sooooooooo scary. His legs are so wonky. Which makes him look far more spookier. Did you manage to put his little life to a much shorter one? The hot weather sure does bring out very strange looking insects.


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