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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meals from the depression

I found this series of clips on you tube Great Depression Cooking after being referred from A Frugal Stretch.

A grand old lady in her 90's showing how to cook meals from the depression era. Clara also describes what it was like to live in those hard times. Clara has a website here.

I will be back later with a longer post. Just thought I would share this with any interested people. I'm going back to finish watching the rest of the clips now.

Wishing you a happy, fun filled weekend.

x Tania


  1. What a sweet old lady, she is great for 93. Her meals are simple and healthy. I hope we don't get anywhere near the Great Depression but these clips are food for thought.

  2. Very interesting! I remember my grandmother talking about eating a lot of biscuits and water gravy in those days.

  3. Thanks Tina

    Dear ol Clara, God bless her! I've just spent and hour watching some of the clips - she's great! Although I think her longevity can be attributed to being pickled by salt and olive oil! She's pretty heavy handed with the salt!! What a gorgeous old dame. Thanks for that,

    Cheers - Joolz


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