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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where is our cool change?

This picture is of one of my daughter's foal's with his mother. They are coming along nicely.

Well surprise, surprise we had a drop in temperature today, 38C (100.4F).

Only to find out tomorrow that it is going to be 45C (113F).

Saturday is 46C (114.8F)

Saturday we are going down to Adelaide to watch Adelaide United (soccer) play again.

I am a bit worried about leaving this place when it is so hot. The animals and garden need looking after. We may decide to leave later in the day.

We have had 12 straight days over forty!! A couple more to go yet.

Sunday is going to be 32C I can't wait.

I am working tomorrow but only have one baby to care for. The weather is so muggy all I seem to do is sweat. We haven't been able to even go for a simple walk, even though we did tonight as the breeze was a bit cooler.

Sorry not much to blog about at the moment, hopefully I can get out and do something next week while it is cooler, although I will be working everyday.

Have a nice day,

x Tania


  1. The horses are beautiful! Ugh I would die with that many days in a row of weather that hot!

  2. Yep You guys have really copped it!
    We had one half day of relief.
    It drizzled in the morning,Rain gauge shoed 1.2ml.
    And stayed humid but cool-ish til 1.30pm then it soared andwe were cooking again.
    But tomorrow is really going to be Yuck!

  3. I sure have been feeling sorry for SA & Vic, now NSW is about to experience 3 days of extreme heat, but at least we have been having some relief in between and cooler temps and showers have been predicted from next Tues. We had 2 10 minute showers late yesterday arvo, the first brought that wet dirt smell in, the second dropped them temp a couple degrees. Still had the fan on to go to sleep, and woke up to the heat, not cool for a couple of hours like other days.

  4. We never got the cool change and the rain they promised either, but it has cooled down a bit. not enough, but a bit anyway.
    I saw the photos of your garden, and it's just heartbreaking, isn't it??

  5. I understand Tania. Our forecast for today and tomorrow has been put up one degree. Wednesday is supposed to be very nice, now. I doubt it will be that cool, and if it is I will complain too, because one I am used to the heat I find going to really cool temperatures a bit much. They are saying 24 with overnight of 8. I think that will be OK, I just don't like 22 after heat. I very much doubt it will happen.

  6. Hi Tania

    You must be going stir-crazy being shut up in the house so much. We have had a bit of relief the last few days but the humidity still kills me. Yesterday was say 33C but the minute I do anything, I sweat and the back of my neck is a lather of sweat. Noice!
    Sunday will bring a bit of relief for you and I just hope that may nearly be the last of this nasty heatwave. We constantly hold our breath in case of bushfires., there is so much fuel about, but so far our district has been very lucky with just a few spot fires on properties.
    We endured Ash Wednesday in 1983 and 16 people were killed in our small district - I never want to see anything like that again.

    Cheers - Joolz

  7. Tania,
    I am thinking of you every time I hear about the weather. I forget what that type of heat is like as I have lived here for22 yrs now. I think heat like that would be a challange.
    Keep yor cool


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