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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Generousity of Australian's

The amount of deaths due to Victoria's bushfires is increasing every day. The total of dear souls that have passed away is now 181. Many more are expected to be found today and in the following days. The danger is not over as there are fires still burning out of control.

Arsonists have struck again last night starting more fires. Looters have also reared their ugly heads.

However in amongst this saddest, my fellow Australians have so far raised and donated 33.6 million dollars for the victims of the terrible fires. The amount is rising by the hour.

The following prayer was written by my son on Monday for inclusion in the class prayer book.

Our Heavenly Father,

Today we are sad for those who have lost their lives and belongings in the Victorian bushfires.

Please help these people deal with their sadness and help them rebuild there shattered lives.

Please give them strength and courage.

Please protect the CFS/CFA volunteers that are bravely fighting the fires and any other volunteers that are helping in any way.

Please hear our prayers for the safety of everyone.

In Jesus' name,



  1. Your son writes a beautiful prayer. I agree, and whenever two people are agreed on anything in prayer, the Bible says that it shall be done.

  2. It is amazing how the people of Australia always pull together and help no matter what in times like this. We are a country of battlers that will go out of their way for their mates, dont you think.

    That was a beautiful prayer your son wrote, Amen.

  3. "Let them not Fret, Let them not Fear".

  4. That is a beautiful prayer.

    It is heartwarming the way the country supports a fellow Aussie in need but at the same time I get so angry when the looters and arsonists show no respect for anyone. Very mixed emotions at this time. Can only imagine how devastating events like this mean to the victims.

  5. It's a beautiful prayer which reaches the heart of Jesus who will help all those prayed for.
    God Bless,

  6. I join you in this prayer-these events have been so terrible for people and we have followed with expressions of horror here. How beautiful and true it is. I have cousins in Victoria - thankfully they were spared.


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