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Friday, February 13, 2009


The smell of fire with a smoke haze has arrived in our area. This is from the bushfires still burning in Victoria. We are at least 12 hours driving time away from where these fires are. Most of South Australia is experiencing the smoke now.

Taken from our back yard

Smoke haze over the hills.

Smoke covered hills. Mt Brown in the distance behind the smoke.

The haze has got thicker since taking these pictures this morning.

Tomorrow we are visiting with my parents in Kimba, and hour and a half away travelling time. I am going to visit because mum makes the most delicious tomato relish and my stock that she gave me is running very low. I will take some of our preserves and jam down and do a swap. I have yet to make any relish but have chopped and frozen our tomatoes for making some later.

The weather has been cool all week but is now starting to warm up again. I figure that any temperature under 40C now is cool compared to what we and many others have experienced lately. It reached 48.1C (118.58F) last Saturday.

It has taken me forever to try and get this post done. Blogger is having a bad day.

Take care everyone,

x Tania


  1. Have a lovely day with your parents tomorrow Tania. Oh and can I have some relish too please.
    He! He!

  2. Hi Tania,

    today is the first day lately we have been without smoke. Apparently those closer into the city of Melbourne have experienced the smoke today.

  3. I was shrouded in smoke yesteday and you could smell it in the air...Still hazey today but abit clearer.
    Apparently ours was being blown in from Healsville area.
    We too have relished (no pun intended!) the cooler days and 30's now seem cool1
    Enjoy visiting your Mum

  4. Hi Tania

    I love tomato relish too. I have a recipe that Mum used to make years ago. Can't get my hands on enough tomatoes to make a batch though. I buy it from a local farmers market - a lady makes it and it must be the same recipe 'cos it is gooooood! Bit pricey at $4 for a small vegemite jar full....but it's worth it.

    The smoke didn't get too bad here yesterday and today is clear. It's hotting up again - not too hot I hope. I've got furniture to paint and spruce up for K18. I am not a painter!

    Have a good weekend - Joolz

  5. The smoke is really here today. I've heard a lot of it is from back-burning.
    I'm glad you've got some relief from the scorching weather at last.

  6. Hi Tania,
    We have had lots of smoke where we are, too, and it has made breathing difficult.

    However, today it has been much better, and it's much cooler.

    I hope that you enjoy visiting with your parents. Have a great day!

  7. Hi Tanya, how far were the fires away from you? I have been thinking of you over there and some relations over there. Here in Bendigo we had 56 houses burn and two lives lost. It is unbelivable. There are houses that have completely gone, absolutly. We were out visiting family on the day.


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