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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Around our home lately

Today I have had a really off day. Just feeling blah!!

One day care child booked off sick so I decided I would take the day off and try to rest up.

I have noticed I haven't been sleeping well of late and by the time morning arrives I am ready for sleep but have to get out of bed.

I haven't found a reason for this but I think restless sleep has caught up with me today.

My son was fiddling around looking at videos on youtube the other day.

He was viewing pushbike ones where they were doing all the tricks that they do nowadays. He stumbled across instructions to build this contraption on the computer(it does have a name, but I have forgotten).

He disappeared for a while into the spare room only asking if I had some cardboard and a hot glue gun. A little time later he appeared with this. His work was very well done and I think he won't want me to post this picture, as he doesnt know I took the photo. This was left set up on my table so I grabbed the camera to take a photo before I packed it away.

Look at my garden, who made the mess?

One of the hens had made her way around into my flower garden and was having a lovely time scratching it to bits. Aaaahhh!!

Tell me why do the chooks, who have 2 acres to scratch around on make the journey around the top of our block, along the tin fence, down the retainer wall into my garden?! I guess it might be the fresh little seedlings that have shot up after the recent rains. Needless to say when this girl had finished they were no more!!

I have decided it is time for a change.

Sadly I am saying goodbye to this faithful old girl because she no longer serves a purpose for Family Day Care.

I am going to give her either to my parents if they want her or my youngest daughter who has been looking at getting a second car. We also have friends that would like to buy her.

This is the new to me, 1999 Tarago that I purchased in nearby Whyalla yesterday. With 8 seats and plenty of room, I look forward to having this one for as long as I need for my Family Day Care. The day care children I look after haven't seen it yet, and they won't be here until Thursday.
She is going to have a full safety check up on Tuesday next week.

Blessings to you all,



  1. LOL... when you said "I am saying goodbye to this faithful old girl because she no longer serves a purpose" I thought you were talking about the chicken! I thought, wow.. that's kind of extreme! (it's early and I'm half asleep, okay?)

    I took my car off the registry last year because it was just too much of a hassle with kids sleeping times, varying ages and whatnot. If we need to go to the store or whatever, I have a double stroller with piggy back, so we tend to walk everywhere anyway.
    I almost wish I could just sell my car and free up the driveway space for a veggie garden!

  2. New wheels huh?
    Very nice.
    I hope you get some much needed sleep,You have had alot going on lately so your body may just be giving you a holler,To rest alittle!
    Take Care...
    Oh and the chook must be related to my girls who are digging up mud from scratching in the newly wet...yes it rained! Grass...

  3. That naughty hen!
    Wow, you are really getting a professional outfit together what with the daycare room and the Tarago. Nice looking van.
    Hope you solve your sleep problems. There's nothing worse than having to face a busy day when you feel like you haven't slept.

  4. The new car looks great Tania. We had a tarago before the VW. I really liked driving it.

  5. Hi Tania,
    The Tarago looks excellent - I hope that it provides many years of faithful service.

    It sounds as if you need a looooong sleep. Try and let your brain unwind before going to bed. I find that I need time to unwind before going to bed, or my brain keeps working all night, and I can't sleep properly.

  6. Taters - I thought Tania was talking about the chicken too LOL! Glad it was the car :)

    New car looks great Tania. We got a van (finally!) about 9 months ago and I find it great for FDC.

    Glad you got to have a day off. Are you working too hard? Rest up!

  7. LOL too! I have to agree with Tatersmama. This was my first visit and I was thinking--oh my she's going to "get rid" of the chicken. Now I understand.
    Loved the bike ramp your little one made.

  8. I also thought you were talking about the chicken and dreaded what was coming, but then saw the car. I was sad to farewell our old Ford too.

  9. Hi Tania

    Your son is very talented to put that ramp together - an engineer in the making?

    I don't have trouble going off to sleep but I hate it when I can't sleep properly. I find I wake between 3-4am and suddenly start thinking about something (my daughter in Adelaide etc) and then I sleep fitfully, on and off until the alarm goes at 5.45am. Darn it!

    At night, have a nice shower then jump into bed with a cup of tea/milo and a book or magazine. Drink up and read for 10 minutes then lights out. Guaranteed, this makes me nod off quick smart. Maybe try a new pillow or different quilt/blankets too.

    Take care,


  10. Did you check my blog the other day?
    I "think" you came in as my 12,000th visitor,(and the winner of the giveaway)because my feedjit said that someone from outbacktania was # 12,000!


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