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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Over the next Hill

Over the Next Hill (We'll be home).

By the way the land is layin'

I'd think I'd be safe in sayin'

That over the next hill we'll be home.

It's a straight and narrow highway,

No detours and no byways,

And over the next hill we'll be home.

From the prophets I've been hearin'

I would say the end is nearin'

For I see familiar landmarks all along.

By the dreams that I've been dreamin'

There will come a great redeemin'

And over the next hill we'll be home.

By the turn the tide is takin'

I would say there's no mistakin'

That over the next hill we'll be home.

There's a place that we are nearin'

That so many have been fearin'

And over the next hill we'll be home.

When we get there, we're all hopin'

That we'll find the gate is open,

And there'll be a refuge from the comin' storm.

For the way's been long and weary,

But at last the end is nearin'

And over the next hill we'll be home.

Have a blessed Sunday,



  1. Love Johnny Cash,I nice way to end the weekend,thankyou :0)

  2. I love Johnny Cash... and the whole Carter Family!
    Thank you for sharing this!!!

  3. That men thing of laying around acting like they're at deaths door?
    Hun, your guys are perfectly normal.

    What ticks me off is when they hear you spewing, and knock on the door, asking when you'll be cooking dinner - because they're hungry.


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