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Friday, June 5, 2009

It's raining in the Port

The first batch of ginger beer has been bottled, and after sitting for 30 days it is ready to drink. Tastes good too! Phil is going to try the alcholic version next.

The kit, so simple to make and do.

I took the daycare children to playgroup last Wednesday at one of the local schools. A great little playgroup from 9.30am to 11.30am. It is run by the Toy Library and is free of charge, with lots of activities to participate in.

However, when we arrived on this occasion, this is what we found...one big hot air balloon! The daycare children were in awe of the noise and the size of this thing. The Air Force people were inflating the balloon as we got there.

The school children were getting a demonstration and some of the teachers and students got to have a ride. They didn't go far up, only to the end of the rope.

It's been raining a little today, probably not much to get excited about but where we live it is so dry with an yearly average rainfall of 220mm or 880points (nearly 9 inches). So you can see why it is such a novelty to those that live here.

Just enough to freshen everything up.
Twas a tad cold though!
The fire has been on for most of the day and we spent a lot of time inside staying warm.

There may be more rain on the way, lets hope so. The long range weather forecast has said that it will rain nearly every day in June along the coastal areas, so it would be nice if we get something out of it.

I wish to apologise for any distress I may have caused my readers from the last post. I will need to do a better grammar check next time. I seem to recall noticing the poor sentence lay out about the poor old hen and the old car but left it as it was. Rest assured the hen and the car are well and happy. I will need to choose my words a little better won't I?

Have a great weekend everybody,



  1. Yay for the rain!220mm annual rainfall?? We had over 100mm just last month!I will have to start huffing and puffing the rain clouds your way! Have a great long weekend Tania :0)

  2. hehe, yes you better check your spacing :)

    Yay for rain too. It's amazing to think that parts of our country are in drought and other parts flood isn't it


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