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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quiet Sunday

We were going to spend the long weekend doing things, but our son has contracted a cold from one of his buddies at school and has been quite miserable for the past couple of days.

Yesterday we took the Tarago for a drive over the other side of the hills to Jamestown to visit friends for a little while. I will post photos of the drive soon.

Today I needed to catch up on things at home. I started the day with the washing that had built up until we were getting low on clothes. I usually keep up with the laundry but I had managed to get a bit behind. Luckily there was a bit of wind today to help dry the clothes(lately it has been so still that the clothes just hang there not drying).

The Adelaide Crows were playing Essendon at 12.30 so I made some lunch and then settled to watch the game. After the first quarter and with the Crows looking like they were not doing so well I thought I might dust of the sewing machine and sew the curtains and table cloth I had planned for the cubby house. I purchased some bright red gingham at Spotlight last week when we picked up the Tarago from Whyalla.

I was pleased with the result and it has really given the cubby a new lease of life.

I am hoping to get the outside painted tomorrow, weather permitting.

This cubby is a little tired and needs some renovations. I bought this second hand when my son was little, and now the day care children spend hours playing around in it.

I had enough fabric left over for a cloth for my dining room table.

The oranges are ripening.

And the remaining mandarines after the terrible heat they endured earlier this year.

Hubby has been doing his bit to keep us warm today. He managed a couple of loads of wood for our fire.

The Crows were victorious in one of the best matches I have watched in a long while (even though I was sewing).

Hard to believe that more rain was threatening to dampen my clothes, so I made a mad dash outside to get them in. Just made it before another shower of rain, now that would be the reason I got behind with the laundry this week, because of rain.
I do have a clothes line under the verandah to use on rainy days and the clothes that don't dry get put in front of the fire to finish off. We have had one or two showers over the last couple of days and a terribly loud thunderstorm with some heavy rain two nights ago. We have had 8mm (32 points).

I prepared vegetable pasties for tea/dinner tonight and some apple pasties for dessert with icecream and cream. I just grated some apple, added a bit of sugar and spice and put them in pastry like the pasties. Coated with milk and sprinkled with sugar. Yum!

I then folded the dry clothes, put them away and caught up with all the ironing, I even managed some mending!
Tomorrow I hope to tidy up a bit outside. I might even attempt to get in the garden and pick the remaining pumpkins and capsicums. I haven't planted a winter garden this year as I want to prepare the plot for Spring.

Just a pleasant day spent at home, going at my own pace and knowing I still have another day tomorrow to finish up.



  1. It sounds like a good day to me...
    I spent most of yesterday sleeping off a migraine, but managed to rouse just long enough to get a few loads of clothes on the line... So I'm praying the rain holds off today, so they can get dry.

    I've been dreaming of a cubby for my kids, so I might have a drive today and see if the local guy has become any less expensive.
    Yours looks so cute, with the new curtains!

  2. Glad to hear you are getting some rain to cool things off after all that heat! Like the tablecloth!

  3. Sounds like you had a great day!The curtains in the cubby looks so homey,the kids will love them.I have a sewing machine that has done very little sewing!Still like new..I really need to start using it more,enjoy the holiday Monday Tania :0)

  4. Hi Tania

    Sounds like a restful but productive day - the best kind. I'm going to have another lazy day today. Its been raining and I think it will do so on and off all day.

    Cheers - Joolz

    PS - Hmmm. Pasties! I'll put them on the list of things to make while Kirby is home from Uni.

  5. I LOVE days spent at home doing odd jobs and having time to jut catch up. I must confess that yesterday we skipped church just so we could stay home ALL DAY :)

    Love the curtains - very cute.

  6. The gorgous curtains and tablecloths in the dolls house are to be cherished. They look great and the children would love them.

  7. The curtains look great Tania. I love your table cloth too.

  8. I dont even bother hanging cloths outside any more. I have 3 cloths horses, the old style wooden ones. and all washing gets hung on them. with the fire going 24/7 they dry in no time. Makes the house look like a Chinese laundry but hey, we have clean cloths.

  9. What a busy day! I'm slacking it today but I've just put my excuses on my blog ;-)
    The red checks are so sweet, in the cubby and on your table.


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