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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A heavy heart

I woke to the normal busyness this morning, thinking about the day ahead. I had set the alarm for 6am hoping to rise and go for a walk, but after looking outside into darkness I decided to stay in bed in the warmth.

I had just finished breakfast and was getting my son's school lunch ready when the phone rang. Not thinking anything of it, other than it was early and was probably one of the daycare parents, I answered as normal.

It was my friend Wendy, informing us of the death of a friend's daughter in a car accident.

I had heard this morning on the radio that a young woman, 21, from Stirling North had been killed at Redhill. I remember thinking to myself, hoping that it wouldn't be anyone that we knew.

This young lady was only 21 with her whole life and dreams ahead of her. She had been heading home from Uni in Adelaide to visit family when the accident occured at Redhill on the main highway. Gone in an instant.

Today has turned into another sad day, I am just stunned by this news. Hannah's parents and brother must be so devastated at their loss. I can't imagine their pain right now.

Hannah and her family are well known in this town, so it is going to rock a lot of people.

Please pray for them,



  1. I am so sorry. Truly such a tragedy. I only recently lost my husband. We have a young son just 14 and I understand the horrible feelings and grief. Words help little and it does sink in eventually that when people are just sad with you, at least you don't feel so entirely alone. I am sure you will be there in any way possible for the Loved Ones.
    21 is just too young and such a terrible thing to deal with. I send my prayers.

  2. Oh Tania,sad news.I can never understand why this happens.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends.

  3. how sad. Keeping them in my prayers.

  4. Life can be rather cruel sometimes...
    Will be keeping you and the family in my thoughts and prayers

  5. Tania, I'm so sorry to hear this.
    What a waste of such a young life and I can certainly identify with the parents devastation.

    You and Hannah's family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    *gentle hugs*

  6. Praying for the family and friends of this young lady - too young!

  7. It is so sad when a young life is taken so suddenly, I will be praying for you and Hannah's family.

  8. Tania this is just so sad. So young, such a waste. My thoughts and prayers are with you all

  9. Hi Tania

    I'm so sorry you've had this bad news. You certainly have had your fair share lately.

    I don't know what can be done about young people and road deaths. In this instance it was obviously just an accident but so often these prangs could be avoided if the kids didn't think they were invincible.

    Two weeks ago we had a fatal accident happen just outside our town at 2am on a Sunday morning. The 20 yr old driver was drunk, as were all the passengers, I believe. Stupidly, 3 passengers were in the BACK OF THE UTILITY (an SS Commodore) while the ute was travelling on the highway (at speeds estimated to be 140kph!). The ute rolled several times and of course the 3 in the back were thrown like rag dolls - one 18 year old dying, the others with serious injuries. The 20 yr old driver left the scene and was found hours later wandering in a paddock - he blew .09 - 8 hours after the accident. Gross stupidity that has now changed his life forever and ruined the lives of the dead boy's parents and brother.

    I cringe every time my Kirby drives to and from Adelaide - hoping there are no idiot drivers on the road and hoping she has the sense to be alert and vigilent while driving. And I have a nearly 16 year old who will join these idiots on the road too. it is the worry of my life.

    Our road toll is a total disgrace and I think until they put a curfew on P Plate drivers, restrict them to driving 4 cylinder vehicles and limit the number of passengers they can carry, this toll will climb and climb and climb.

    My thoughts are with you and Hannah's poor family. No one should ever have to go through what they are going through. It is just so sad.



  10. That is so tragic and my heart goes out to the family and her friends. Life is so precious and to hear of the loss of someone so young is so sad. My prayers and love goes your way and to the family

  11. Tania you have had so much devastating news of late. My heart goes out to her family and your community.

  12. Oh Tania
    You and those around you have been rocked about a bit this year haven't you? I am so sorry.
    Hang on tight to God right now, he's the toughest, sturdiest rock I know. I pray the pain for you and those who are effected by this very sad event will ease as each day passes by......

  13. So sorry to hear this Tanya. Too many young lives are lost on the roads.
    Praying for the day when no family will have to go through this pain.


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