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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Earthquake and other tidbits...

A bit of action happening in our area at the moment. We were rudely awakened yesterday morning at around 7am with a rumble and jolt of the bed. An earthquake occurred nearby close to the town of Quorn where my two daughters live. Apparently the centre of it was very near my family's little hobby farm that I showed in a previous post. Everyone is okay, just a lot of noise and rattles. The Flinder's Ranges runs along a fault line. My eldest daughter has labelled it a 'Quornquake'. A short time later a second quake occurred on the Eyre Peninsula, so they have been called twin quakes.

Then last night the small town of Penola was hit with a mini tornado whipping through the main shopping district. I think this is down your way Joolz, hope all is okay.

Now on to other happenings....

The cyclamen I received on Mother's day is flowering beautifully.

Hubby was cooking chicken schnitzel the other day when the shape of this schnitzel caught his eye....

For you Jan

You noticed on the recipe sheet picture in my previous post, that there was a citrus sauce to have on pancakes, so here is the recipe. I haven't tried this yet but am hoping too soon.
In a recent post from Cluttercut recently she spoke of cast iron cookware.

I have been using mine for about two years and would highly recommend using these. The food cooked in cast iron pans has a very different flavour.
I have a large pan, shown here, with a handle that becomes very hot. Shown in Cluttercut's post were some little pot holders, so after some thinking I came up with an idea for a pot/handle holder for mine.
I grabbed one of my knitted dishcloths, as they are quite thick, sewed up one end and along the side and I had to tuck the end in a little, but hopefully this will do the job when handling this pan from now on. I am going to make a special little holder but in the mean time I will use this knitted one.
I am resting today, although not through my own choice but one that has been forced on me. On Thursday night I started to get a pain in my left leg where I have a dreaded varicose vein. The pain was preventing me from walking freely. Anyway it continued on the next day and Saturday until I thought I had better get it checked. Turns out I may have a blood clot forming or already there, so I am off to have an ultrasound of my leg tomorrow. I am wearing support stockings and resting with my feet off the ground as much as possible. I slept on the couch last night with my legs propped up higher than my heart, hoping that it helps. As soon as I stand the pain is back... I have been given some anti-inflammatory pills to ease the discomfort...Looks like I will be having surgery on my legs soon to try and 'fix' the problem. Don't you just love genetics?? lol

Hope the weather is nice where you are this Sunday.
15C here today, it is nice sunshine but very windy.



  1. Sorry to hear that your leg is giving you trouble, Tania, trusting you will get suitable treatment and will be well soon.
    Thank you so much for the citrus sauce recipe, sounds like it will have a lovely tang.... though I will add some lime off my tree as well.
    I heard about the tornado on the News, missed out about the earthquakes.
    The cyclamen looks gorgeous, and lovely the heart was noticed.
    Blessings for your week, and your home and family with you laid up with your leg.
    God Bless.... Jan

  2. Hi Tania

    Yes, poor old Penola took a battering yesterday (50kms from where I am). The lovely 'Never Too Old' antique & curio shop has been levelled - it's just quite hard to imagine wind that would knock a stone building to rubble.
    We had heaps of rain yesterday and overnight but thankfully no tornados (that is what Penola had I believe, from eyewitness accounts).
    I hope you're okay with your leg, clots are scary things. Having your feet up if okay for a while but I bet you're itching to do stuff. Take it easy,

    Cheers - Joolz

    PS: I forgot to mention in my Deb Ball post that the rain started the minute we arrived at Colhurst House which meant no pics on the balcony or outside. Bummer! We got Brianna to the Ball venue with about 2 minutes to spare before it poured! Phew!

  3. Hi Tania, that schnitzel looks yummy! You have inspired me to cook schnitzel for dinner tonight! Glad to hear you are all ok after the earthquake, it can be scary. Sam xox

  4. I am so sorry Tania. I pray everything will turn out so you don't have to worry anymore. I was happily asleep and woke to an annoying fire alarm, was in my own bed, can manage to go to the toilet and things but so very painful with my back. Glad you can still blog, I finally figured out to do it though it is probably still a strain. I will be thankful I haven't a blood clot and keep plugging away and hope you are better soon. I have trouble standing but not as bad as it was, I hope it is not too bad for you Tania. Hope showering is OK, I felt good after I managed that last night.

  5. Take care of yourself Tania.

  6. I hope you leg clears up soon and the pain eases. Earthquakes can be quite scary, we were in the Newcastle earthquake and didn't have any idea what the rumbles and shaking were.
    My cyclamen I got for Mothers day is flowering well too.

  7. oh dear, I do hope that you get relief from your leg soon.

    Also glad that the earthquake did not cause you or your loved ones too much damage. I heard about the mini tornado on the radio.

    Glad to see the good things abound; cyclamen and schnitzel.

  8. Oh, Tania....I hope you get that clot taken care of right away! Sorry that you're having to deal with that!

    We have earthquakes in Oklahoma all the time, but they are pretty small. Mostly around 3.0 on the Richter scale, although we had one about 4.0 once. We've had over 60 of them this year alone. And don't get me started on tornadoes! We're known around these parts as Tornado Alley. Anyway, I hope all goes well with your leg and that you're feeling better soon.


  9. varicose veins run in our family also, and I know my nana had to have hers stripped, that was many years ago though. Hope you feel better soon.

    What is going on with the weather in the world? We ever had an earthquake and tornado in our neck of the woods in late June, very strange for us.

    Gill in Canada

  10. Hello Tania,
    I'm glad the quornquakes weren't too damaging. Still a little alarming though. I hope your leg/vein problems aren't too serious and that you are feeling up to par soon.
    Best wishes

  11. My, my you guys have had some "exciting?" dances with nature lately.
    Your mention of the cast iron pans brings a smile to my face. Being from the southern part of the U.S., there are MANY recipes that MUST be prepared in cast iron, otherwise, they just aren't as tasty. Yes, cast iron lends a deliciously unique flavor to many recipes.
    I am praying your leg heals up quickly and you are able to get back to routine soon.

  12. How is it going Tania? Hope everything is going well.

    Today I got to dry my feet lol.

    We got your beautiful weather yesterday, 16° I was hot. Today we expected to be comfortable but it feels like it is snowing at 8° and will be 10 or less all week.


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