Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's very near

Spring that is...

Lovely blue skies here today,
Nice warm sunshine,
19C (66.2F),
22C (71.6F) tomorrow,
24C (75.2F) on Tuesday,
The birds are singing very noisily,
The blowies are back (blowfies),
The little flies will follow very soon,
I even have a t-shirt on, with NO jumper (sweater).

And the plants are all in bud or bloom.

We tend to grow native Australian plants as they grow the best in our climate.

Wattle, Australian native
Pink Emu bush
Not sure about this one, but very pretty and a native...
( I feel sure someone will know)
Geraldton Wax getting ready to burst...

The Quandongs (wild peaches) are doing nicely,
can't wait for some pie...
Out Back
(where I got the blog name)
on our little block are some native lovelies,
Saltbush flowers,
who would have thought they could be so nice?
And in a variety of colours

Pink pigface daisy,
this is growing all over our block in amongst the saltbush
Some Spear Grass
looking toward the salt lake,
even saltbush has it own special beauty.
I think so anyway lol.
In the garden...

Yellow Pigface

Bird of Paradise about to bloom
Red Geranium,
tough and hardy in this climate
It has been a long, cold, wetter than usual Winter,
but in a few days it is Spring here.
Time for changing the sheets to cotton,
and removing extra blankets from the beds,
Digging out the cooler clothes,
getting the vegies in the garden,
preparing for the dirty dust storms that Spring can bring,
but I am certainly ready for the warmth...
just warmth, not HEAT that is yet to come.

Have a great Sunday,



  1. Wonderful pics at your homestead.
    I was giving thanks this morning that I haven't seen a fly yet.

  2. Great Photos Tania I am so excited spring has nearly sprung!!

  3. Wow, what a lovely introduction to our Australian Spring! Your garden is looking very nice with loads of great plants.

    Today actually felt like spring here too, even if it was overcast most of the day, but the chill was gone from the air. You know it's warming up when the blowies appear and we had two in our office the other day. Big bombers! Lol!

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. Hi Tanya..loved looking at all your natives not sure if it was a Grevillia or not not real botanical was a beautiful spring day here but we won't get oo excited yet as it always surprises us with that one last frosty day at 2c this morn it is close lol.Have a great week. Carole.

  5. What pretty flowers you have there. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Your garden is looking good! I love watching all the plants coming to life :0)
    Im NOT looking forward to the heat and humidity either !! It just zaps all your energy!
    A beautiful day here today :0)

  7. We're still cold and very wet here, but your pics have certainly brightened my day!
    I did see a blowie yesterday though, so spring must be a-comin'!

  8. Wow...spring has already sprung, Tania! Lots of pretty plants, the weather is perfect, too. In about 20+ days we'll be changing to Fall. A lot of people around here love fall for it's crisp, cool dry air, but I prefer summer.


  9. What wonderful photos - you get a real sense of how outback you really are - it's an amazing garden given the conditions you must endure each Summer - just beautiful thank-you for posting them :)

  10. The only difference in the weather here is the odd sunny day and the fog rising sooner. It is about 15°.

  11. Oh I love the outback..Australia is a great place :)) The red dirt and all..Did I say all?? Well the blowies are part of it. eh! The flowers in spring are such an inspiration.. thankyou for sharing and I look forward to reading more..
    pat in tas :))

  12. Great photos, and great diversity!

  13. Great post! I laughed at the blowfly bit- we had our first blowie in the kitchen the other day. I must admit I didn't associate its arrival with that of spring!


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