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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome, gardening and recycling...

I would like to say
to all my faithful followers.

I have noticed quite a few new followers recently, I appreciate that you would find my little place in the world interesting.

Thank you to all those that take the time to leave comments, it is so great to hear from you.

This is going to be my vegie garden, I have started to pull out the weeds. I did leave the gate open for the chooks to go in and do me a big favour by eating them all, but it didn't happen. The moment I have started pulling the weeds though, the chooks became interested....make me do all the hard work. They don't want the weeds, they just want all the bugs underneath.
The rain has been abundant this year, it is raining again as I speak.

I still have capsicums growing, so have cut them back for the start of the new season. This will be the third year that I have been able to use the same plants.
Even the tiny tomatoes are still hanging on....

I have given them a trim as well to see whether they come back or not.
We had a visit from a magpie yesterday, sitting himself on top of the flag pole and gaubling away.
Also tried my hand at recycling some mesh bags yesterday.
I have heaps of these left over from oranges.
Have cut into different sizes to use at the supermarket for fruit and vegetables.
I folded the mesh over twice and sewed along to make a bottom.
And added some string to tie up.
I will try these out when I next do the shopping. They appear to weigh very little.
This is what I did recently with my left over bars of soap.

I whizzed them up into little bits, added a little water, then pressed them into trays.
I cut into slices and then sat them outside for a while to re harden.
We are using them now and they work fine.
To update you on my leg pain.
Today is the first day that I have been able to move freely. I have had an ultrasound of the leg and there is no DVT (deep vein thrombosis) which is extremely GOOD NEWS. I do however have clotting in 7cm of my varicose vein behind my knee to my calf, hence the discomfort. My doctor assures me it will be okay and has advised me to get my feet elevated regularly and wear compression stockings everyday from now on, even in Summer :(
I am to put the stockings on as soon as I rise in the morning and take them off when I am ready for bed. I have taken my leg measurements and will go down to the chemist later today and pick some up.

I can have the veins stripped if I choose to, but the stockings are an option that I am going to try first. I am a big chicken when it comes to surgery....

Hope you are all having a lovely day,



  1. I am amazed that it is winter and your garden looks so green. Is your winter in the outback not very cold? Good idea on the mesh bags and the soap. I switched to liquid soap a long time ago as it doesn't leave scum in the tub...and I'm a big tub soaker. Hate those showers, all that water squirting in my face! Hope your leg feels better soon and so glad for you that it's not DVT...


  2. Hi Tina,aren't chooks naughty ours do the same their favourite thing is digging up my bulbs!Good work with the recycling, I found a couple of metres old fabric that is very strong and am thinking of making it into my own shoppings bags this way i would not even have to have the green ones,like I said i was thinking lol have a great day.

  3. Hi Tania

    Thanks for your warm welcome, it's always nice to visit you and catch up with what's happening in your part of South Aus.
    The weather has been weird this season, we've had lots and lots of rain and strong winds. Poor Penola is still reeling from that tornado that ripped through last week. I'm afraid my back garden is a total disgrace at the moment. I don't get near it on weekdays because I work and by the weekend it's usually wet and cold and I can't be bothered. This is the first year I haven't pruned my carpet roses by June - they are still beckoning.
    I hope your leg improves with rest and the use of the stockings. What's the long term prognosis?

    Enjoy your week,

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. It has been extra cold this winter I think. Our garden looks a lot like yours Tania. We have a heap of weeding to do but Steve doesn't seem as motivated to plant veg this year.

    I hope your leg improves with the stockings.

  5. Love your recycled mesh bags let me know how they goand I have done that with soap a few years ago and had no problems with it.
    I hope your leg feels better soon, wearing a compression stocking in summer will be horrible.

  6. Yay that it's not DVT! Hope the stockings do the job.

  7. Sorry to hear you're laid up, Tina. Wearing those compression stockings isn't so bad once you get used to them. I think you'll be surprised at how comfortable you will feel with them. I never go to farmers market or do long distance traveling without wearing them. Nifty idea with the mesh bags!

  8. You might find the supermarket will take the foot out of the mesh bags to weigh, because the scales are set to automatically deduct the weight of the plastic bag, and the mesh bag may be heavier. You might have to leave them loose, have them weighed, and then put them in the mesh bags. OR the supermarket might just weigh the produce in them. I think they are a great idea, anyhow: Dont forget to let us know how they go!
    ~S. xo

  9. such a great idea with the mesh bags. I just bought a big bag of oranges and was horrified they were in plastic! I love those mesh bags, great idea witht he soap too. Thanks so much for dropping by

  10. Sounds like you have been busy despite your leg problems.Hope the stockings help. oh gosh wearing them in summer won't be nice, hope it improves before then. My friend got her veins stripped it caused her awful pain, but since then she hasn't looked back. I love the idea of the vegie bags.I can't bare the waste of throwing the plastic ones out so I reuse them for sandwiches etc.
    Hope you have a good weekend Tania-and don't forget to rest those legs!!

  11. I'm feeling a lot better too. Glad you are OK.

  12. I am envious of your veg garden. The bush turkeys slaughter mine.

  13. I am loving your recycling ideas .. I think the mesh bags are a TERRIFIC idea ... as a young girl my grandmother also saved our soap bits, melted them down and formed them into new bars of soap - similar to your idea.

    I am so VERY glad to hear of your praise report on your leg. I pray you continue to heal up well.


  14. Great idea with the orange bags and I downloaded the Lemon Muffin recipe, never have enough muffin recipes.

  15. Talk about busy !
    Great idea with the orange bags - I have a stash that look to be following your lead now :)
    Thanks for the tip !


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