Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fiddling about...

Okay so the weather has been cold and miserable lately, not that I am complaining, I will never complain about having rain..

A lot of time spent inside watching the rain fall through my window,

There was mending waiting to be done, so it was out with my sewing machine,
and while I was at it I decided to revamp a couple of old aprons that I had picked up from various op shops in my travels.

These aprons were half ones which I am not keen on wearing (because I am way too messy) so I added a top and bits and pieces to jazz them up.
I added a green gingham heart top to this one with some red buttons and a yoyo flower on the pocket.
Next I took this pink gingham one....
and added a calico top from recycled curtain material I had hanging around, added blue buttons and hearts with some coloured buttons to the pocket.

This one is a vintage handmade apron that didn't have any ties.
Again out of old curtain material I added a top and some ties.

All in all I am pleased with the results, and I have been wearing them which was the purpose of this exercise.

Next I hope to make a bag out of some black trousers that my daughter had worn out in patches. I have cut the legs off and am still deciding what type of bag with I will turn it into. I will post some pics when I get it done.

I am also contemplating doing some knitting and crocheting. I have many things unfinished (UFO's) in my cupboard, which means that unless I actually get them out, they will never get done.

Best Wishes,



  1. I wish we had some of the rain you are getting there. We hit 104 yesterday and it is going to be hotter today. Aprons are cute. Clever idea. Enjoy the rain.

  2. Really cute aprons sweetie, thanks for visiting my blog to say hello too, hugs and blessings, Barbara

  3. You have been busy and the aprons look so pretty. We had a little rain and now have gale force winds that are freezing:0)

  4. Being an Apronaholic I loved this post.You are very clever great job,we have had heaps of rain also and i could not deliver the country mail because of flooded creeks last week,but it is lovely to see the water raging scary and beautiful at the same time. Carole xx

  5. love the aprons, I too thought I would never complain about rain. But we have had so much now the paddocks are all flooded and the tanks are spilling over. So if anyone out there needs rain I will gladly send some your way.

  6. Oh they are fabulous Tania great work!
    Aprons will be one of the first projects I attempt when I get a sewing machine and will be looking to yours as inspiration!

  7. I have UFOs too :)I'm working through them though, very very slowly...

    love the aprons, they are so cute!


  8. Great work, Tania. They look lovely and its nice to put your personal touch on them.

  9. Wonderful job, love the gingham one especially. These make me want to wear an apron

  10. Hello Tania, Super cool idea for useable aprons, so pretty, too. Gerry, new follower.

  11. great project - very effective "updates", and to have them useful to you again :)and another UFO ticked off the list

  12. Tania, I have so many UFO's to, but I'm learning to look at this in a way of pleasure these days. It means that my life is full. I have just started to wear an apron again after many years not, AND I am loving it as well as being SO practical.
    Especially love your vintage apron with the yaghts on it.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend

  13. Great and creative ideas! I love recycling things into something else. Very thrifty and it feels good to being creative, esp. when it's also useful!

    Great attitude and blog you have here! Follow & will be back to learn about the 'Out Back'! :-)

    Blessings & Hugs,

  14. I love your aprons. They make me want to sew and cook. I love to read about Australia. Doylene

  15. Very inspiring. I like the purse idea out of the black pants. I'm hoping to make a bib apron from a pair of old blue jeans.


I love reading your comments! Through them, I have learnt that there are some truly lovely people out there. Thank you :)