Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Around home

The weather has turned colder.

Time to get the wood ready for the fire.

We found that the combustion heater needed a few repairs...

A nice big hole had rusted through the steel baffle plate,
Hubby, being the handy man that he is, made another one yesterday.

For $4.00 he bought the angle and tube and the piece of steel plate was resourced from the side of the road somewhere in our travels. He has replaced it with heavier duty steel, so hopefully this will last longer. Saved on the cost of a whole new heater or the cost of a tradesman to do the repairs.

We will be lighting the fire for the first time today as it is getting far too cold now for just blankets.

I need some help here please if anyone knows.
Now I am presuming that this may have been caused by the unseasonal weather we have had in the past twelve months.
I found this orange on our tree along with a couple of others in the same condition. Most of the oranges are still green and look okay, but a few of them have split like this one.
The mandarin tree has also got some ripe looking fruit on it but when I picked one the other day it was very dry on the inside. It is still too early for these to be ripening, most on the tree are still green.
Flowers for Mother's Day

In appreciation from hubby...

Take care my friends,



  1. Handy hubbies are wonderful :))

  2. No handy hubbies here and we lament our lack of 'handy' knowledge sometimes. Don't know what is wrong with your citrus...probably the weather!

  3. Love those handy men, but I also love my own tool box. Can't fix a furnace, but I can hammer a nail, LOL.

  4. So nice that your hubby can fix things like that! What a sweetie to give you flowers on mom's day too! :)

  5. How awesome to have a handy husband! Mine tries, but really doesn't have the skills yet!

  6. Our oranges split if they get too much water after they have formed. Have you had a bit of rain recently?

    Yay for handy people. Wish I was one.


  7. we have had our fire going for just over a week now. Hubby did the same repair job on ours at the end of the last season. Just goes to show how much we use our fires. Strange about the fruit, but then again the weather has been very strange too.

  8. It's probably just the weather. Apparently plants are somewhat confused by our unseasonal wet summer and warm April. Jonquils and daffodils are in bloom in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens - only 3 months early!


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