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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yesterday and Today

A special gift...

from my daughter Sarah

for a belated Mother's Day.

A great little purchase from Etsy

Some baking...

Upside down Pear and Ginger dessert

Recipe found here

Thank you nellymary for this scrumptious dessert recipe,

alas it is only a memory now...

definitely have to make some more!

Young broccoli heads...

Many grapefruit...
(Any ideas for use would be very much appreciated)

Mandarin's are ripening...

Oranges too...

Drying in the bright sunshine...



and yellow...

a prickly visitor...

Wishing you a lovely week where ever you may be.



  1. That dessert looks so yummy, warm with custard yuuuummmm

  2. Great pics, Tania. Yes, the upside down cake looks delish!
    Broccoli - we are not big eaters of it but Bri and I do like Broccoli & Cauliflower cheese bake (just a white cheesey sauce).


  3. I agree the dessert looks so tummy-warming! I just got given a whole bag of grapefruit this morning..I reckon juicing them is the way to go..fresh grapefruit juice with dinner is terrific!

  4. Your home and garden must smell wonderful!

    Another great post.

    Sft x

  5. YUmm what a way to warm your heart..delish!!!

  6. All that goodness growing in your garden and baking in your kitchen! A good life!

  7. Wow! Love these pics. Your garden and cooking is looking divine :)

  8. I can take some grapefruit and oranges when they're ready? I like to juice them together. :)
    ~S. xo

    P.S. That dessert looks delicious. Might have to make it myself.


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