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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's finished...

From this...

to this...

This is the rest of our bedroom suite and was given as a Wedding gift to hubby's grandmother from her husband in 1926.
It is in perfect original condition apart from a couple of tear drop handles that are missing. We are going to replace them soon.

The suite consists of a wardrobe, dressing table, bedside cupboard, mirror and bed.

In this picture is the wardrobe, mirror and part of the bed. Refer to previous post for more pictures of the bed.

the dressing table...

and the bedside cupboard with marble top...


on to
the next project...

a cedar cupboard
Most of the furniture in our house has been given by family and restored by us.

We are however running out of room in our house for all of the lovely pieces. We have more goodies out in the shed waiting for our attention including an old lead light kitchen cabinet that was my parents. I can still picture it being in our old farmhouse and can't wait to get it back to original condition as it is painted at the moment.

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  1. I love the furniture and the chenille spread is so perfect.

  2. Super, super, super.....I get very sad to think that the furniture from my nana and papa's house was just sold with the house.. :(
    but, it was at a time before I met my husband and well, lets just say I get very sad thinking about it. I do however, :) have their dining table and chairs...beautiful, once our house has an extension dinners will be served on that table once again..yay....you are so lucky to have been given beautiful family heirlooms....

  3. Beautiful piece of furniture and with such sentimental value as well. You restored it beautifully! I love old furniture mixed in with modern stuff. We have a couple of pieces that are going to get a make over this summer...I hope, anyway. I always have lofty plans!

  4. Items like those are so valuable when they have your family history attached to them. It is lovely to be able to restore them and use them again.

  5. Tania does the shellac, I do the dirty work. Not allowed near the brush,I am to heavy handed. This how we meet,(20 years ago..LOL).Antique furniture and now we are nearly antique. Does this mean we have increased in value.

  6. Looks like Art Deco style to me.. its all absolutely beautiful Tania.

    Congrats on restoring it so well and I hope you find a little more space.

    Sft x

  7. How very lucky you are, and they have gone to a loving home.

  8. How wonderful that these pieces have been kept in the family. Hopefully your children will love them as much as you both do!

  9. These pieces are gorgeous and I love your chenille bedspread too! My Nan had a lovely big old wardrobe like that and I remember there being a terrible fight about who would take it when she passed away. So very Sad.
    Thanks for sharing these :)

  10. I love these old wardrobes - beautiful

  11. If you need help finding items a new home, you know where I live. ;)
    ~S. xo

  12. Old furniture fetches good money now days.Could even help with our retirement one day...Hay Tania.;-)

  13. Wow, thats a beautiful setting, you have done a brilliant job restoring it. I couldn't tell you how many pieces I have come and gone from my life because I just don't have the patience to cut back and polish! These are just treasures you can keep in the family forever... :)


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