Saturday, June 4, 2011

More from the Op Shops

My visit to the Salvos yesterday...

old books,

some craft...


more craft...

A beginners cookbook...

I figured this should have some easy recipes in here,

and it does...

Just a housewife little book

with Christian verses...

some wooden frames...

perfect for this recent picture of my dad and mum...

This pretty plate was given to me yesterday by my MIL when I picked her up and dropped her down the street to do some shopping...

The stamp on the back.

A little worn in places but still a nice side dish...


and another...

pretty modern one...

Nice little glass bowl,

just the right size...

Not sure about this one.

This fabric has been made into a bag,

but I loved the colours...

Seer sucker table cloth in my favourite

And this beauty...

all hand sewn...

cross stitch

in perfect condition!

for $2.50

I couldn't believe it!

The lady that served me commented on it and wished she had known it was there as she would have taken it home herself.

Then on to St Vinnies

got myself some clothes for $1.00 each

A pretty apron...

and this table runner...

again hand sewn...

This old book...

and this one...

Have a great weekend,



  1. Woooooo! Awesome finds there! :D I love my weekly op shopping day! I haven't posted my recent finds, I should get onto it.

  2. Well you did a great shop didn't you...well done . ...enjoy

  3. It's lovely to receive a piece of china for a good deed done. My mum does the same sometimes and I love getting a piece from her collection. Good scores at the oppies!

  4. Wow, a great haul and some lovely finds x

  5. I love the hand made table cloth and runner. Vinnies and the Salvo do have a lot of hidden treasures. I have been visiting them lately, my house burnt down 3weeks ago now. I'm hoping to do a post and put up a lot of photos.

  6. I love the hand made table cloth and runner, what a great fine, I have been visiting vinnies and the Salvo lately mainly because my house burnt down 3 weeks ago. I'm hoping to do a post and put up alot of photos in the next few days.

  7. Ok, I'll take them all, thank you very much..LOL. I even clicked on all the pics to have them enlarged so I could get a good close up look. Girl, you did awesome!!

  8. My goodness, you certainly got some good finds there. Particularly loving those tablecloths. That cross stitch!

  9. WOW--you did good!! Love the tablecloths. I just love seersucker. My Ma-Maw always made us pajamas for the summer out of seersucker. I wish we had such great finds around here. Take care.

  10. WOW!!!! You really did score! What lovely items.

  11. great score!
    I especially love the table cloths.

  12. What a wonderful MIL you have, that plate is beautiful.

    My favourite colour is also blue, so I LOVE that tablecloth.

    Such pretty little pieces, perfect for afternoon tea.

    The runner will be perfect for Easter, don't you think?

    Keep posting your treasures. I LOVE SEEING THEM!

    Sft x

  13. You're a winner-visit my blog Tania!

    Sft x

  14. I thought you said the MIL doesn't give you anything? ;) That's a really nice plate, btw.
    ~S. xo

  15. I am impressed! What an excellent buy. I like old cookbooks they are often simple and use food that we all have in the pantry. They didn't fuss around as much as many modern recipes have.

    Very impressed with the hand embroidery, what great finds.

    Well done. I might have to visit my local op shop.

  16. Wow Tania, that last photo of the Women's Day handicrafts just took me straight back to my childhood. My mum had that very same book and I would spend hours looking through all the projects, though I don't think I ever actually did any of them. Great op shop finds


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