Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Old Hat Box

The Hat Box...

This was passed onto us by hubby's mother.

It was given to her by a family friend.

The latch still works perfectly...

The stamp on the bottom...

And upon opening is this...

a gorgeous top hat...

just like new...

in perfect condition...

Inside stamp on the hat

Christys London

Size 6 7/8

Small heads back in them days,

The hat doesn't fit any of us unfortunately...

But we did find a model for you...

Our friend "Swannie" obliged!

Hubby did some searching and found Christys London on the internet and sent them an email, but to this day they haven't replied...its been a couple of years now, so one would presume they are not interested. We were trying to find out just how old this top hat could be, as there is no date included.

Wishing you all a great day,



  1. Love it! Shame they didn't reply. Would be very interesting to find out how old it really is. :-) Glad you got some photo's up. Haven't tried mine again today.. Will wait until tomorrow. :-)

  2. I really enjoy your posts they are so interesting, I loved this one i have some old hat boxes but they are empty and for ladies hats I think,just lovely how interesting it would be to find the age of them.

  3. Hay what's this putting pic's of my regular mate on here. He cant have all the lime light. Its all about me remember.......LOL. He looks like one of then salesmen, who sold elixir's in the cowboy days. He'll have all the ladies knocking on his door now he's famous.....Bahahaha.

  4. What a treasure and with a bit of mystery to it too! I wonder how it came to be in the family? Does it make you want to run out and buy a white rabbit to pull out of it, Lol?

  5. That's really neat! And in perfect condition! Wow!!!!

  6. What a fabulous find. I love pieces of history like that.

  7. Yes, I would love to know some of the top hat's history too.

    Sft x

  8. An intriguing possession..I have never known anybody to own a real..old top hat or a box for it like that..just amazing!

  9. Oh that is lovely, wouldn't it be great to find out how old it is ...

  10. Oh what a jem it's fantastic it's a dang shame they didn't reply!!!

  11. You could take it to one of those antique road show type events. They might even have a website.

    What an interesting piece of history and it would be nice to know who's head the hat sat on.

  12. What a treasure!! Too bad it doesn't fit. But it will be lovely displayed!

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. To die for! Beautiful hat!!!

  14. Hi there - great top hat and box! I fell in love with top hats and have become something of an amateur collector - but you don't often see them in Australia, more common in the US and UK. Look after the box, they're often worth much more than the hats themselves. Christys is a very well known maker - I'd say this one would date a little later, probably around 1930-1940. Look after the silk outside - and don't ever store it upside down resting on the top edges as this wears away the silk. It should be suspended in the box. Real top hats stopped being made in the early 20th century as the looms that spin the silk plush were destroyed by some angry Frenchmen after a row - so it's wonderful to see them in such great condition, knowing they can never be replaced. Enjoy.


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