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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winter Wednesday

I am liking our nice warm log fire, and I am very thankful for hubby who chops the wood (albeit with a stump splitter these days lol)

All this to keep me toasty and warm...

The fire is on,
it is a little cold today...

Joining in with Hazel today.


  1. Those georgeous logs make the best heat ever! We live in a very old wooden house so we gave away the wood heater but not to worry winter is relatively short and warm here so we have an oil filled column heater which does the job at night.

  2. we have a stump splitter too, and its so much better than swinging an axe.
    Throw another log on the fire and stay warm.

  3. WOW! That is a lot of wood! Good work Hubby!

  4. Hope you started stacking MY split logs in OUR wood shed...LOL. Tania bought the log splitter for me, isn't she the best.Hope we haven't had any more rain, gotta get motivated and get the wood in the shed soon. Its a bit chill in Broken Hill today.

  5. What is a stump splitter?

    We use lots of free wood in our multi-fuel burner but it doesn't all look as pretty as yours!


    P.S. Have you received your prize yet?

  6. Hello Sft,

    I have just received your gift in the mail today thank you. It is lovely and I promise to use it often.

    Re the stump splitter, here is a post from last year when we purchased it:


  7. Yes my husband has also been busy swinging the axe recently. One day we will have to purchase a splitter but for now Don just uses the axe and a big solid steel mallet to break through. Keep the home fires burning :)

  8. Husbands are nice...!

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Looks like most of us are thinking Fireplaces today! Winter is a great excuse for a fire, Cold or Not!

  10. I would love a wood fire, but living in Canberra we have central gass heating as it heats up the whole house and cheaper than wood that would only heat a part of the hose.

  11. You have a fire going and we have the air conditioning on to keep us cool. It is hot, hot here!


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