Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Sentimental Bloke - Blog

Today I was listening to the local ABC Radio and they said they had some great pictures on their face book page.

Thought I would take a look as there were pictures of a Coal Train Derailment on this blog.

Turns out he has some fantastic photos of the Flinder's Ranges South Australia, which is nearby to where we live.

Would you like to see some beautiful scenery of Australia, then here's your chance. It might be dry and dusty with saltbush, but still beautiful. With the recent rains it it quite green in places with water in the creeks.


  1. Oh, wow, Tania! Nearly every picture on The Sentimental Blokes blog is like an Albert Namatjira painting. Thank you! I'll revisit his site soon for more visual delights.

    I was thinking of you and your hubby when I saw pics of that train derailment on the news.

    Hope you're not too freezing there!


  2. Remarkable country! I have never been to your part of the world but the rugged beauty is undeniable. Thank you for sharing Tania. x

  3. I spent many wonder school holidays in the Flinders Rangers. It is a lovely spot.

    What wonderful photos, I love the arial art ones in particular.

  4. Thank you Tania for linking to this blog. I have saved it on my favourites and I'm looking forward to reading it.

    Sft x

    P.S. Let me know when you receive the tea tray cloth.

  5. Thanks for the link Tania, much appreciated.
    From reading your blog I can see why you'd be interested in the coal train problem. It was fortunate it was just a lot of busted steel.
    I'll take a bit of time to read you work.
    Cheers Peter

  6. Thanks Tania for the link. Much appreciated. Having had a quick look at your blog I can see why you'd have in interest in the coal train problem.
    It was fortunate it was just a lot of busted steel.


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