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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Busy Weekend

Apricot blossom...

Nectarine blossom...

We got busy yesterday and planted some seedlings in the veggie garden.




Planted some lettuces in containers. I think the heat here in summer will be too harsh for these to be out in the full sun of the veggie garden. I have also planted some seeds of nasturtiums, corn and two types of cucumber, apple and Greek.

This is where our garden is going to be extended.

The before photo...

We came up with the idea to pull the large salt bushes out with a chain hooked up to the 4wd.

Out they came...

Bit by bit...

With help from Millie...

Until most of it was gone...

Our citrus trees got a pruning by hubby this morning as the branches were touching the ground and the ants were venturing up, and we dont want them to spread white scale.

This is the fruit on the branches that were cut off...

Any ideas to use the grapefruit up?

Hope you are having the lovely weather we are.

Here it is 24C today and hotting up to 29C by Friday...


  1. I know someone that makes marmalade from Grapefruit. We don't eat it though so no idea what it tastes like.


  2. The vegie garden looks great. I love pulling things out with the car. So effective and satisfying!!!

  3. GF marmalade sounds wonderful, spread on warm buttered toast so nice :))
    Well done on pulling out those bushes, now for the new garden :))

  4. I can't wait to see what you will grow in your new veggie garden!!

  5. Maybe you could just juice them and add a bit of honey or rapadura or stevia or whatever takes your fancy! A glass each morning would be yum! And if you cant drink them all, maybe some marmalade would be nice though not quite as healthy!!

  6. I keep thinking a canopy of sorts might help our vegetables, since the summers are so hot and dry here anymore.The sun is so hard on them when it gets that hot.We all may have to rethink our gardening procedures if the climate continues the way is has been this summer.

  7. hi there, it must be lovely digging up veg for dinner!

  8. We had beautiful weather this weekend so I spend as much time as possible gardening and making plans for a veggie "garden" in pots as I have no space in my garden to plant a veggie garden.

  9. Obviously no need to worry about late frost harming your seedlings, hehe...... Am thinking about planting some seeds but we can still get late frosts.

    29deg. on Friday.....I wonder is that unusually warm for this time of year?

    Great way to get the Salt Bush out, certainly makes the job alot easier.

    Grapefruit marmalade, sounds delish too, enjoy your week.

    Claire :}

  10. Hi Tania, I hope this finds you feeling better and recovering well. What an awesome job creating more space for you garden! It is very satisfying :) You guys have certainly been busy that's for sure! As I'm sure you'll guess I would be making marmalade from the grapefruit, I have another batch of oranges to put through today or tomorrow :) I'm sure the recipe on my blog would work for grapefruit just as well as oranges - top that off with some English Muffins and you'll have your breakfast from across the ditch :) A nice glass of fresh grapefruit juice or a grapefruit cordial sounds just as yum :) Take care Tania, loved seeing your photos! Regards, Ruth @ http://comesmelltheroses.blogspot.com/

  11. You have been busy with all your Spring cleaning up and planting - it must feel great to have completed all that work! Have you ever made Grapefruit marmalade? You can also freeze grapefruit well in a sugary syrup or maybe try making up a new salad dressing with grapefruit juice, a little sugar, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, and a little dijon mustard? I wonder if grapefruits might also go nicely with fish or seafood recipes.

  12. That's my kind of gardening! I've made grapefruit marmalade before! But I didn't like it. I don't like marmalade but my neighbour did! All 8 jars of it!


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