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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

day by day 07.04.2020

It was a  different kind of day today, mostly overcast with the sun occasionally showing through the clouds. It was quite warm although the temperature was only meant to be 24C {75.2F}. The days are steadily warming up again.

Morning walk...

Pretty flowers of an Athel tree.

A closer look reveals the delicate twists on the flower stems. There were all kinds of buzzy creatures enjoying the blooms.

Grand stand...

Mount Brown in the background...

Power lines heading north...Dry saltbush country.

Flinder's Ranges in the distance.

Heading back home with the Athel tree way down there...

As soon as I arrived home from my walk, it was time to check and water the veggie patch. It looks a bit messy with all the shades still hanging around.  I wont be removing them because they will be needed again once Spring arrives.

Radishes grow really fast.

Baby spinach is starting to get going.

Beetroot, almost ready to pick.

Kale growing nicely.

Rogue tomato plant is really taking off. I do wish they would grow like this when I want them to...

Garlic chives...


 More baby spinach.

Broccoletti {broccolini}.

Carrots taking shape. Not many seeds came up so I will have to plant some more.

Now the cucumbers think it is a good time to grow...not sure if they will produce this late in the season.

The climbing spinach has reached the top of the weld-mesh. Wonder where it will go next?

I think these are little flowers forming.

Wont be long and I will be digging up the sweet potato.

The capsicum are loving the weather at the moment. The bushes are loaded with fruit.

I picked kale, silver beet and celery to add to my green juice...a bunch of kale, 1 silver beet leaf, 1 celery stalk, 2 apples, 1 cucumber, 1/4 lemon and knob of ginger. All good for the immune system.

This is my second attempt at sauerkraut. My first attempt failed.

Hopefully I have it right this time. I haven't made very much just in case it fails again. If it is successful, I will make more.

I had a couple of punnets of strawberries that were starting to turn soft, so I made a strawberry syrup to have on our porridge in the mornings. I added a little water and a small bit of honey for the sweetener.

Tonight I used up some of my rhubarb and made an apple and rhubarb crumble. The apple scraps will become vinegar.

Yummy sweets...served with coconut yoghurt.

How are you filling your days? Always plenty to do around here J

See you soon,


  1. I love your pictures. Your garden is coming along so well. No watering anything for me this morning we have rain. Have a wonderful day!

    1. You had rain? Lucky girl.

      Enjoy your day Vickie xxx

  2. I hope you eat the beet tops; they're delicious.

    1. Oh yes, we divide the leaves between us and the chickens. The leaves are probably more nutritious than the root.

      Have a lovely day.

  3. Bluey and I took the three half 44's full of empty bottles and cans to the recycle depot this morning. We left with $35. I was amazed that it added up to that much. The cans and bottles are from Bluey's 70th, this time a month ago. It was just before the craziness started.
    I have been busy with making a quiet book for my youngest Grandie for her second Birthday later this month. I had hoped to have it finished and posted today but that wont be happening. In fact I might be lucky to get it done by tomorrow. If I dont get it posted till after Easter it has ten days to get to Sydney. Sounds like enough but it often takes two weeks, and that was before the craziness. I will get to work and hopefully get it away tomorrow.
    Our garden is powering on. We have plenty of greens each day for meals. Our neighbour just dropped off a big handful of fresh beans. He took home half a pumpkin. I do love the backyard economy that we have here.
    Stay safe and well.

    1. I didn't know Qld gave refunds on cans. I thought we were the only state that did that. So glad to hear they do though. We cash ours in once a year and get about $130. Phil collects cans from work and we pick them up on our walks as we don't drink cool drink in our house.

      I love your quiet book, it is amazing and your grandie will love it! The post is really slow at the moment. I posted a birthday card to my daughter on Monday to reach Sydney by Thursday (tommorow). I was told it probably wont get there on time! In normal times she would receive it in time. I paid for express too but still no guarantee! I'll ring her tomorrow for her birthday and see if she received it.

      I am a little jealous of what you can grow. I live in the worst place to be trying to grow food. It costs a fortune just so I can.

      I would love to have neighbours to swap produce with. We still manage to swap around among friends and family.

      You two keep safe,


  4. Very productive.
    My productivity came to a grinding halt as I pulled a muscle in my back trying to pull a particularly stubborn weed in the garden
    So I’ve been resting, mainly for the last few days
    We have had lots of rain so I’m guessing the weeds have over taken again

    1. Oh no Angela, not your back. Sounds painful. Love hearing about your rain, the weeds will wait for you xxx

  5. Love your posts and seeing the landscape and your garden. In nsw we can "return an earn" our cans, beer bottles and juice boxes, each worth 10c. You mustn't crush them up and plastic bottles must have the label still on them. Enjoy the different Easter we will have this year an may you get rain soon.

    1. Hello and welcome to my blog.

      Going to definitely be a quiet Easter this year. That's interesting about the cans in NSW.


  6. Goodness your garden is productive. You've worked hard for it though. I'm slowly adding to my kitchen garden, extra spaces to plant things, but unfortunately it's hard to come by seedlings at the moment. I'll plant what seeds I have. Looking at your strawberry coolie, reminds me of a discussion I had with my husband recently. We love chia pudding, and were thinking of new ways to have it. I suggested a berry coolie and adding the chia seeds. Thickens it up, and full of nutrients. Love the sound of what you put in your green smoothie. Plus it's all organic. No chemicals to fear.


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