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Friday, July 26, 2013

Road Trip - Day One - Destination Coober Pedy

Day one,
 and here we are just out of Port Augusta, heading north along the Stuart Highway towards Alice Springs.  (Map Here
In the distance is what is known as Tent Hill.  There are two of these hills, one large and one smaller.

 The day was perfect with lovely bright sunshine and warmth. We didn't leave too early, making sure everything was alright here at home, then had lunch and headed off.

 First stop along the way was just off the highway.

The road is pretty rough...

We rocked and we rolled a bit...

 And there it was...

 Normally a dry old salt lake,

but not this year...

The railway line runs right along the edge of the lake...

This is Lake Hart...

There were a few emerging everlasting wildflowers.  
These feel like crisp paper when touched...
Come September these will be in bloom everywhere in the outback..

Hubby standing on the tracks he travels many times :)

A burnt out van.
We were to see a lot of burnt out vehicles along the way...

Off we go again, back to the highway.

Miles of nothingness except for saltbush...

 Here we are just out of Coober Pedy and the sun was getting low...

We had traveled 536kms (333miles).

Coober Pedy is an Opal Mining town, you can learn more about it here and here Most dwellings are built underground.  

We arrived at Coober Pedy about 6pm
and booked in to the Radeka Down Under motel

Hubby stays in this motel when he has a stop over job on the train.  He knows the owner,
and organised a little tour of the underground back packers section of the motel.

 We had to be very quiet though as there were people staying in these quarters.

Just plain rooms, some with curtains to pull across for privacy and some without.

Air vents

Dad and Mum were travelling up to Alice Springs as well and we met up with them at Coober Pedy J

 I changed the camera setting as it was dark and took these couple of freaky photos.

That is my Mum climbing the stairs.

 It is dark down there...

 Here is our motel room, with the bathroom down the back...

 This was my first time sleeping underground.  It felt a little claustrophobic and I suggested they paint a window with a view just so it felt a little normal.  It was pitch black once the lights were out!
Naturally cool in Summer and warm in Winter.  No need for air conditioning or heating.  Maybe we all should be living underground!

Have any of my readers stayed underground? I would love to hear about it.

Back with day two tomorrow. This will be a shorter post as there is not that much to photograph while travelling J



  1. Raymond Lindsey (Crystal Mary's husband) had a photo on Facebook today of Coober Pedy.

  2. Whoa....so interesting!!!! I don't think I could do it. I am claustrophic!!!
    XO Kris

  3. Wow that was fascinating. Though i wouldn't be able to sleep there,if there are no windows then the claustrophobia creeps in.
    What an amazing place.

  4. We stayed underground at Riba's just outside of Coober Pedy. It did feel strange at first but it was one of the best nights sleep I had , so warm and quiet. I love the constant temperature. We also visited Fayes underground house which was such an interesting tour. We stayed there in June so it was very cold outside

  5. We stayed underground in White Cliffs. No en suites when we were there, just mens and womens. I found it a bit stuffy although it was weird with no windows.

  6. Yep, would have to agree with you that i would find it a bit weird without a window. Even in winter, my bedroom window is open. I just snuggle further under the doona. I ready about CP many times and it would be fascinating to visit. I love opals.

  7. I really enjoyed the pictures and especially the write up on the underground hotel. I saw a "Travel Channel" show about Australia and they included that place but not nearly in the detail you did. I'll bet if you stayed there frequently you'd get over the closed in feeling. I spent a lot of time on Navy ships, and at first I was nervous about being way below decks. But after awhile I didn't even think about it. I'm looking forward to your next post.

  8. I love this road trip of yours. I am learning and seeing so much. Thank you.

  9. Tania, that is so interesting seeing photos of those underground rooms. I had heard about them but had never seen photos. I am not sure if I would like to live underground but I dare say you would get used to it.

  10. We stayed at a different underground motel in Coober Pedy a few years back. Very luxurious. There is a very interesting church there too. I enjoyed the underground living. The outside above-ground is so harsh.


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