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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Road Trip - Day Two - Coober Pedy to Alice Springs

I apologise for most of these photos. They are taken by me from the car on my camera and mobile phone. We didn't have a lot of time to stop as we were on limited time.  I would have liked to have a good look around, but it will have to wait until next time.
This is what you see when leaving Coober Pedy.   There are miles and miles of these white mounds left by the miners looking for that allusive opal...

Then more nothingness...
Australia is a huge country, 
that is all I can say!

There were lots of tourists...and I mean lots!!
Grey nomads and their caravans, and families with their vans because it was school holiday time.  
It was also the weekend of the Alice Springs Annual show
We met people along the way from different parts of Australia and saw plenty of overseas tourists too. I wonder what they think of our country, especially the outback areas and the long distances between towns...It is a big country but a lot of it is uninhabitable.

 We did see a train in the middle of nowhere :)
The only one we saw on the journey.

Pit stop at Marla for lunch and a cuppa...

We arrived at the border and were greeted by millions of flies.  I thought we had them bad here but nothing compared to the ones on the border! We had a quick break and walk around and then continued on our way.

Photos of the information bay...

 Next stop was at Kulgera.  We were going to fuel up here but the price of diesel was $2.00 litre, so we stopped briefly to take this photo of the shoe tree and toilet stop...no time for a beer at the pub!

 I didn't get to take too many photos as we were driving, driving, driving...hubby wanted to get there :)

Moving into some hills and leaving the flat country behind...

Dirty window shots lol!

 Trying to get the bug splats of the window.

The driver J

Alice Springs turnoff, yay!

 Getting close now...

 Old Ghan loco on the outskirts of Alice Springs.

And into the gap...

 We have arrived at Alice!

Another 688kms (427miles) travelled.
It took us eight hours and we were pooped!

Back tomorrow with some wedding photos J



  1. It is so interesting to see other parts of the world via blogging. This was fun....thanks for taking us along on the ride!
    xo Kris

  2. So many happy memories doing that run.. thanks for sharing I loved every pic.. :))

  3. A great series of photos. I felt like I was traveling with you, LOL. I agree that it's fascinating to see other parts of the world this way.

  4. My girl lives in the Outback in NW Qld and there certainly are inhabitable parts of Australia in the Outback. It is a very harsh climate and I take my hat off to anyone who can survive in some of those areas. Loved sharing the trip with you.

  5. The photos are great. That's a wonderful trip you are taking. Years and years ago, there was an Australian guy named Alby Mangels, and he used to travel all over the world, filming his journeys. You do really well with your still shots, maybe you should get a digital motion picture camera and try your hand at that, and film your trips around Australia. I bet you would be really good at it.

    Diesel costs $3.78 a gallon here in the Southern United States. If my wife were home I'd get her to figure out the rate of exchange and match up liters vrs gallons. Alas, math isn't my strong point.

  6. Thanks for the tour. I am enjoying the ride

  7. Hi Harry, 4 litres = roughly 1 gallon. At the moment $2.00 Australian is equivalent to $1.85USD but the aussie dollar has been dropping so this changes all the time...

    I think that works out to $8.00/ gallon? My maths is not that flash either lol.

  8. Your photos are great, it's always wonderful to see the interior of this big country we live in. How typical of a man to just want to get there! :) 8 hours is a LONG drive.
    Anne xx


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