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Thursday, July 25, 2013


I had a special request from Harry for an update so here it is J

Very slow internet connection is the reason for my lack of blogging.  It takes me forever to do a post at the moment.  Hubby is harassing Telstra daily to provide us with a better service.  We are paying big dollars for something we cant actually receive...but that is a whole another story.  Sounds like the only solution is for us to move!

Anyway on with today's post...

~ Of Garden and Weeds ~

Due to a wonderful lot of rain, the garden is doing well, and I haven't had to water hardly at all...we have had our yearly quota already J




Onions growing nicely and so are the weeds...

 The jungle of carrots...these have self seeded and continue to grow until their hearts content...
They must love our sandy soil J

 The garlic has sprouted,
didn't take long with all this rain...

 Spring onions, rainbow chard (or silver beet as I call it) with the garlic.
I have rainbow chard and carrots sprouting everywhere in the gravel pathways,  I hate to pull them out!

I picked some of these a few days ago.

 Rainbow chard, rhubarb and celery growing wild in this bed...

Pulling up weeds, they are everywhere...


Broccoli, potatoes, and one leek..

I chopped the broccoli and saved the stems for adding to stews etc.

Blanched them and put in the freezer...

I bagged these into servings for hubby and I and got 14 serves, so pretty pleased with that...


 Some homemade pasties using veggies from the garden.  We had these for lunch yesterday.

Banana ice cream 
with just frozen bananas whizzed in the processor until it looks like this.  Just one ingredient to this recipe. 
Healthy and low fat...
Found this one on you tube J

Chicken Stock from our free range rooster...

 I cooked the chicken in the slow cooker, removed all the meat for later use. I then added onion, carrot, celery, parsley and a bay leaf to the bones and cooked another eight hours in the slow cooker. The result was some yummy stock bagged in two cup lots and popped in the freezer.

I made this curry goulash from some of the chicken meat and stock, and served it for tea last night with some rice.

A box of veggies I put together for my daughter yesterday.  Carrots, rainbow chard, celery, broccoli, mandarins and oranges.  She also took a dozen eggs.

I caught a glimpse of this fella with his lady friend near our garden patch this morning.  By the time I grabbed my camera they were on their way home...

Tomorrow I will post part one of our road trip to Alice Springs, Port Augusta to Coober Pedy.

See you then,



  1. Wow! I envy you the garden! Just curious - does anyone there eat kangaroo? I had what was supposed to be kangaroo tail soup from Australia one time, but it tasted like mutton to me.

  2. Yes some do eat kangaroo here Gorges. It is like steak but healthier as there is no fat. Good if you have a cholesterol problem. We can buy it in our local supermarkets these days :) My grandmother used to cook kangaroo tail soup and I think you are right about it tasting similar to mutton. Probably the way it was cooked.

    Thanks for asking :)


  3. And here I thought Hickory Farms was just trying to hoodwink me! lol

  4. Hi Tania. I am loving seeing your garden produce!
    What is your weather like now?
    XO Kris

  5. Hello there Kris,

    We are having cold frosty nights but lovely days...at least I am getting my washing dry :)


  6. That is so great you are getting so much rain, Tania. Your next water bill won't be such a shock as the last one. Have you decided if you are going to keep growing vegies over summer like you did last year before you got your bill? I love seeing your garden.

  7. Your garden is looking fabulous Tania, great harvest for this time of the year.

  8. Your garden is fabulous.

    I feel your pain with the slow 'net. Telstra is not renowned for its service for rural customers.....

  9. Wow you are so organized, love the banana ice cream thats on my to do list.

  10. Your vege garden is looking amazing. Happy eating.
    Anne xx

  11. Everything is perfect except for the weeds with the onions hehe... Enjoy the fruit of your labour :-)

  12. yummy, glad your garden is growing so well Tania. Mine is slow and sluggish atm not enough sunshine.

  13. Your garden is looking stunning, Tania - well done :)

    Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you can walk outside and harvest your own home grown veggies. I LOVE it :)

  14. hi tania,
    your garden is looking wonderful.
    love broccoli,really great harvest from your garden. all your meal looking delicious.thanks for sharing.
    herein my part is it hot!!!!!
    wish you a nice restweek,
    love and hugs regina

  15. Good to see that all is well out there. I'm amazed at how much food you are able to grow. Just before I came by to visit I was reading a blog by a South African lady and she was growing a great garden too. My wife and I have tried, but too much is stacked against us. Most of our land is heavily forested with poplar, maple and pine. We have a small meadow but it only gets sun a few hours a day. The wild hogs come down out of the wood and root up the garden, so that they trample what they don't eat. The deer come and eat everything up. I put up a 2000 volt electric fence, not enough to kill anything but enough, I thought, to make them go away. I hadn't counted on the bears. They come meandering down through the woods, hit the fence with their noses while trying to see what it is. That causes a reaction where they take a big swipe at the fence, and there's a 12 foot section gone. If anything is left after all that, our free range chickens scratch it up. So I gave up gardening, and now I store lots of dried and canned food. It's a poor second choice, though, compared to what you have.


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