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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Wedding in Alice Springs

Just a few photos from my nephews wedding.  Hubby took these...
It was a gorgeous sunny day, the weather could not have been more perfect J

The wedding was held at this lovely setting,  
the grounds of the Telegraph Station in Alice Springs.

The beautiful bride arrives...

With my brother...

 The bride with her sister and bridesmaid...

 The gathering...  
It was a very small and private ceremony on the banks of the Todd River

Very emotional.


Yours truly with my mum J

 Group photo with the bride and groom...

My nephew and niece  J

The night before the wedding we gathered together for a BBQ. It was lovely to catch up with family again. This doesn't seem to happen very often these days unless there is a special event.  There is a lot of distance between us. My only brother and nephew live in Alice Springs and my niece in New Zealand.  

Hubby volunteered to be the chef, 
helped by my dad J

Hubby and I with the bride and groom to be...

 With both sets of grandparents...

Back tomorrow with our journey home, I have more of Australia to share with you  J

See you then,



  1. It looked like a wonderful family event which is just what a wedding should be. Look forward to more travel news.

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  3. Good luck to the newly weds. Life is better married than single. It's good you could all get together for the ceremony. Plus you got a really nice trip into the bargain!

  4. Oh, they look happy I hope they always will be.

    You looked swish at the wedding Tania!

  5. Lovely photos, Tania. It is nice to catch up with family members. These days so many family members seem to live such long distances away from each other.

  6. I know what you mean about vast distances. We did over 2,000 miles in two weeks just in Florida on vacation.

    Love the pics while traveling and the wedding looks a great family affair.


  7. It looks like a gorgeous wedding. Simple and small weddings are lovely.
    Anne xx

  8. What a lovely day, may they have many happy years together.

  9. A lovely meaningful wedding. The bride looks beautiful and the groom looks handsome on their big day. Such a setting! And to think it was the middle of winter!

  10. We loved the Telegraph Station when we were there a few years ago (my parents lived at Alice Springs for a couple of years)-what a lovely spot for a wedding. :)


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