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Monday, July 29, 2013

Travelling home - Mintabie

We left Alice Springs at about 8am, and were pleased to see this site when heading out.

I don't think I would like to go up in one of these.

We stopped at this memorial spot along the road.  These people died while competing in the Northern Territory Cannonball Run in 1994.

 Another stop at the border for a cup of tea and a stretch.
We had these little cuties to keep us company, I love the little beeping sound of the zebra finch.
Beep, beep, beep...

 I had the wrong lens on so the shots are a little blurry.

Hubby had the idea to turn off the highway and take a look at the small mining town of Mintabie
I wasn't sure if I wanted to, but what would I know, I was only the passenger lol!

We saw Camels!

Mintabie in the distance.  

 A very quiet little mining town about 40kms (25miles) off the Stuart Highway.

We drove around for a quick look.

Found the pub!

There was not much to see...

Except for these old wrecks!

 I thought you would get a giggle from this sign.  
It is at Glendambo on our way home, where we stopped  for lunch.

Tomorrow I will finish off our road trip with photos of the spectacular Breakaways just out of Coober Pedy.



  1. love the sign, was it true though?

    Gill in Canada

  2. Oh yes Gill the sign is true, apart from the flies, I think there was way more than that amount!

  3. And it is so dark of a night .. I love the out back... and that little mining town of Mintabie of with internet and a PO.. Wow how advanced is that lol...
    Thanks again for sharing ..
    hugs pat in tas :))

  4. You mean that even in the outback i would have to put up with teenagers Youtubing and Facebooking all night. Is there no respite anywhere???

  5. I really like little towns like these. We have them in our American Southwest, just wide spots in the road. I tried to immigrate to Australia in 1994 with my Uncle. But he was old and rich, so the Government there said he could come live. I was middle aged and working, so they said we were welcome to visit, but couldn't stay. I understood, only so many jobs and they should be for people born there. I wish our government had the same attitude. But, I have often thought, if it had worked out I'd be living in one of those little towns like you showed. The smaller , the better.

  6. I love that sign...all those flies, sounds like the central wheatbelt Western Australia in the summer. I don't know if seeing camels was exciting to you but I would have been very excited.
    Anne xx

  7. I love going off the beaten track, and the sign is a corker!
    Thanks for the tour. xxxx

  8. My youngest would have thought seeing camels was absolutely awesome,,,for that matter I would be impressed too lol, I love camels!

    I have always wondered what Mintabie looks like, so thank you for sharing. One of those places that the name pops up from time to time and you sit and wonder what its like lol.


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