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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No relief

Today's temperature at the moment is 44.8C (112.64F) and it is 5.30pm.

I took this photo at about lunch time when it had not reached it's hottest.

Hot dog.

Millie lays by the front door to get the cooler air from the air conditioner.

I have laid some water around for the wildlife.

Dying garden.


Roasted hibiscus flowers

I have tried to blockout the heat in the house.


Main bathroom...


and kitchen...

It's not working though.

Today is so hot, I'm sure that I am melting. The temperature reached 46C (114.8F) today.

I am going for a swim in the pool shortly to cool off.

The weather tomorrow is 45C (113F).

No relief in sight for at least the next week.

x Tania


  1. Oh Tania, I empathise with you!!! I've done the same to my house, the bathroom has a piece of curtain fabric hung up, as does the toilet, the roller shutters are down, the doors are shut and we are holed up inside in the air-conditioning, which is struggling, but it is cooler than outside. Hang in there it will pass eventually.....hopefully.


  2. Look after yourself & your family this weather.
    Where I come from in Western QLD the temp is hotter than where I am now but it was a dry heat & I didn't find that as bad as this blo..... humidty.
    Take Care!!

  3. I commented the other day, feeling for you with your roasting forecast and now we are expecting the same. Today was about 40, tomorrow is 44, Friday 40. I don't remember forecasts in the forties in my whole life, apart from one or two last year. Being on the water, we don't expect outback temperatures!
    Drink heaps of water, spritz with water in a spray bottle and wait it out.

  4. Does the air conditionning feel very cool inside or tolerable? Is sport still on at school? So hot, no relief........ is this a bad Summer?

    Tissues for you, hope your son had a good day.....

    (have not signed in...)

  5. Oh dear!I feel for you.Im not a big fan of the heat and humidity,even though I live in the sub tropics of Queensland!I watched the news this morning and the forcast isnt good.We had afew high 30's and 40 not long ago and its heart breaking watching the garden suffer,you can never seem to give it enough water.So heres hoping you get a break soon.Thinking of you :0)

  6. We here have had record temps since 59!!!
    It is so hot you can barely breathe.
    What I would'nt give for a pool to keep three little bored housebound kids entertained and cool.
    My kids are outdoorsy so this has been challenging and as we have no aircon the house is awful.

    Tomorrow though we are getting aircon...yay!!!!
    I hope you saty cool,I too have got water all over the property for the animals...Ours and the wildlife.
    The wrens have had a blast in the bird bath around 5pm each day....
    Thankfully being at High altitiude we have had it cool down considerably at night.
    But when you are so hot you cannot cook,bake,clean and in my case continue ainting the house!!!!
    It is actually quite boring,And I am always way too busy to be bored.
    Well my Novel is now over....
    Stay cool.
    40 for us today and 44 for Melb

  7. Look after yourself Tania, keep up the water etc.


  8. Hi Tania

    I am really feeling sorry for you - we are at about 42C today. My office thermo reads 31C at the moment! Yuck!

    I hope your garden can bounce back after all this heat. Even with a sprinkler system, our lawns are frizzling and turning brown before our eyes.

    Roll on autumn! - Joolz :)

  9. HI Tsnie

    You have my deep sympathy and I pray the heat wave end ssoon

    We are a lot of big pansies here in Canberra whinging about 36-37 all of which is bearable dry heat. However I have made sure the bird bath is full and th eanimals all get clean water everyday

    However our upstairs gets very hot so our next lot of savings will go on aircon


  10. I should apologise for my typo of your name Tania. I can spell


  11. Dear Tania, hang in there, the heat will pass. it must be so relentless over there at the moment. It must be hard not being able to control the temperature. consistent showers, and wet towels draped over shoulders and body. cool drinks inside the body. this week is a hot one but it will soon pass. Blessings, it will pass xx

  12. Tania,
    I have been thonking of you in this heat..I hope you enjoy your swim bet you won't want to get out once you get in the water.
    Keep your cool,


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