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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just a quick post while I am trying to wind down after a hectic 24 hours.

As mentioned yesterday ds had a gastric bug. Well this took a turn for the worst and he was hospitalised yesterday afternoon and put on a drip to re-hydrate him.

He went down hill fast and before I knew it I was at the doctors surgery and then sent straight to the emergency department at the local hospital. He had been vomitting every half hour all day and although I was getting him to drink fluids he could not keep them down. He was so weak and couldn't even walk. I had to carry this 12yo from the carpark to the hospital and it felt like miles. A nurse that had just finished work saw me struggling so offered to get a wheelchair. He spent the night being monitored and I stayed at the hospital with him overnight. The paedatician was worried that ds had appendicitis but this turned out not to be the case.

Anyway I was not sleeping well and at 2.30am I got a call from hubby who had succumbed to the virus as well. I had to leave the hospital at some unreasonable hour to come home and pick hubby up and transport him to the hospital for a jab in the rear end, bring him back home with all his medication and go back to ds. I arrived back at the hospital at 4.30am.

Eventually when I finally drifted off to sleep it wasn't long and breakfast was served and the doctor popped in to check on ds.

We arrived home at around 2.30pm today and I crashed into a deep sleep for an hour. All the time I have been thinking "when is it my turn?" but nothing yet although I have a queasy tummy and I pressume that is from disrupted sleep. Knowing my luck I will be up all night suffering with the virus but I hope not as it is a nasty one.

So needless to say the very hot day yesterday was soon forgotten about and some of the nectarines have fallen to the ground. I am not feeling at all like picking any at the moment, maybe after a good night sleep (hopefully) I can attempt them tomorrow. Yesterday evening I had to leave ds at the hospital while I came home to give the garden a drink and check the animals. I had to do this as well this morning as hubby was too sick and sleeping like a baby. He is still sleeping but feeling a lot better. Ds is a lot better although his appetite is a bit off and he is feeling a bit flat.

I had to cancel all the Day Care children and advise them to stay away for a few days.

Will be back soon,



  1. oh dear Tania. What a terrible 24 hours you have had. If I can do anything at all to help, give me a call.


  2. Ooh you poor things! Mums often seem to go into some sort of overdrive when these bugs are around. Sometimes its like we can unconsciously delay the onset of an illness until everyone else is taken care of. I've noticed it and so have some of my friends. Lets hope you miss it altogether.

  3. Tania
    Take it easy their is nothing worse then a sick child as well as the extra work & worry it is emotional draining to see your child sick. Hoping DS & hubby are on the mend now & you are staying healthy. Try not to do to much, just rest. us mums can't afford to be sick!!

  4. Hello Tania
    Sorry to hear about the gastro bug hitting hard - hopefully all will be well soon.
    Take care

  5. Oh goodnes me...Poor kid,Dad and well you too!
    What a stressful and worrying time.
    Glad to hear the guys are picking up alittle though...
    And fingers crossed for you

  6. Oh dear me, I hope everyone is well again soon. Take good care of yourself, as if you get run down you will have it next.

    Gill in Canada

  7. You poor thing. Thank goodness he was hospitalised so soon. I hope your husband picks up soon. Good rest to you all.

  8. I missed out on it and so did ds' girlfriend who was in our house at the time. I have heard of others who have missed it in a family. Hopefully you have the immunity too.

  9. Oh Tania, this is awful. How horrible and to have it on one of the hottest days ever. That must of felt so scary. I do so hope he recovers, and that you and no one else get it in your family. I hope he is alright, that is dreadful. In my thoughts and prayers.

  10. How horrible! I hope things get better soon.

  11. oh no, how horrible! I hope your family is feeling much better soon and you don't get what they have.


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