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Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday outing

Out driving on a Sunday afternoon.
We are at Port Patterson going along the dirt road when we couldn't go any further

We turned around and headed back the way we came.

There was water lying everywhere.
This water is leftover from the recent rains that caused some flooding.

View of the power station from behind.

Hard to believe the green around here at the moment. Even a horse in a green paddock at the back of Stirling North.

This is what happened to the road to Yadlamulka Station, just around the corner from us.

This was a river of water. Unbelievable where we live.

This railway crossing that goes to Leigh Creek was washed away.

Driving along the repaired road it can be clearly seen where the road had turned into a river.

The side of the road completely washed away.

It is great to have so much greenery around although the hot weather is about to hit us with tomorrow's forecast to be 41C (105.8F), so one would pressume this will soon be all gone.
Until next time,
Take care,
x Tania


  1. Isn't it amazing just how fast it can come... and then how fast it can disappear again?
    We were due to hit 27 today, but it got nowhere near that (22), so fingers crossed that the predicted 40 on Wednesday doesn't happen!
    The filters on the air-con are washed and ready, just in case though!

  2. I love looking at your photos of your surrounding countryside. Yes, we are getting ready for a hot one too, although only about 36degsC I think but I bet it will be muggy which always makes it feel hotter. We hope to go to the beach for bbq tea tomorrow night so that should be nice.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Uh! 41 !!! yucky!
    How I would love a pool but we don't have a long enough summer for all the effort and to fill it here would be impossible
    Try and keep cool.

  4. Wow thats full on Tania, man very full on. Great photos though. It will be 42 degrees here apparently and we've got handy men here to pull out our heater and put some carpet down. anyways pool for the evening. Hope you can stay cool.

  5. It was very hot yesterday. Love the photos Tania. I don't venture on the dirt roads much.


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