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Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Bits

It has taken twelve months but our solar panels are beginning to work for us.
Our power bill should have been $187.77.
Our solar system generated 265kw hours @ .44c/kwh. This equals $116.60cr making the power bill $71.17.
$53.87 of the $71.17 was for service charges and GST.
Our carbon footprint for electricity was $17.30 for three months.

Aint this cute. Mama hen sitting on my back step with her chicks underneath, all except for one peeping out.

Go you Reds

The boys enjoying themselves

Adelaide United verses Sydney FC

Now I have always been an Aussie rules fan with my favourite team being the Adelaide Crows. DS barracks for Port Power (sigh). But....

Last Saturday the A League soccer was held in Adelaide, so we went along. It was held at the Adelaide Cricket ground.
Adelaide were playing against Sydney.
Let me tell you it was a fantastic atmosphere. The crowd was very vocal (more than any AFL match I have been too) and we had a wonderful time. We joined in with the Mexican wave that went six times around the arena. The roar was very loud everytime it came around.
We will definately go to one of these matches again.
x Tania


  1. When I was growing up they played soccer more than football (Aussie Rules). Though my brother still managed to wear his football jumper everywhere.

    I liked to play soccer, but as I got older and in High School I liked to kick the footy at half time.

    Our school had more Spanish and Italians than Anglo-Celtics from memory because we lived in river flats and they liked to grow things.

  2. Gorgous hen and chicks. Congratulations with the solar panels. That must be exciting. Solar is so the way to go.

  3. Hello Tania
    And pray what is wrong with Port (Adelaide)Power:) They joined the AFL whilst we were living over in Adelaide - always prefered them to the Crows - they have nicer colours too lol
    Take care

  4. Hi Tania, forgive me for asking but I have been trying to pick up my award from your blog. Could you tell me how to go about getting the url of it? I look forward to displaying the award on my blog. Thankyou once again for it. Have a great day.

  5. That is interesting that the solar panels are making such a difference. Maybe I should look into them a bit more. I loved the picture of the chicken, how cute.

  6. Well done on the power usage!

    I love your chook. What a great mother she is. I *so* want to own chooks again.



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