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Sunday, January 25, 2009

We will be roasting this week


for Monday 26th January, 2009

Port Augusta 7-day Weather Forecast

I have just checked the weather on weatherzone for this week and I nearly keeled over. I hope this turns out better than it sounds.

Sun Jan 25 sunny 35C = 95F

Mon Jan 26 sunny 40C = 104F

Tue Jan 27 mostly sunny 42C = 107.6F

Wed Jan 28 mostly cloudy 42C

Thu Jan 29 mostly cloudy 42C

Fri Jan 30 mostly cloudy 41C = 105.8F

Sat Jan 31 mostly sunny 40C

Hope you all stay cool or warm where ever you are.

x Tania


  1. Hi Tania, thanks so much for stopping by Heart Felt and leaving your lovely comment. Wow! that is hot, we complain when it's 30C!

  2. Oh! No! I hope that's not true, in Sydney we were 41C yesterday until the evening when it plunged to 22C, will remain in the 20s until Friday.

    It usually takes a few days for your weather to come this way so hopefully we won't get the heat until next weekend.

  3. Oh, that forecast is awful! How does your vegie garden survive that kind of weather? How do you? And cooking on hot days is abominable. Do the nights cool down much? When we lived in Townsville we didn't often get 40 degree days but the nights were almost as warm as the days which was hard to take.

  4. We're in for about the same here,
    (40C tomorrow and then the
    high 30's) but what can you do eh?
    I'm working Mon and Tues but then I'm off for 5 days, so I guess I'll be turning the air conditioner on first thing in the morning for the kids.

    Try and keep cool!

  5. Six days? Wow.

    This is ours starting Monday.

    37°C 38°C 39°C 40°C 39°C 38°C I suppose that will be reasonably challenging as well. A traditional start to school nearly.

  6. Oh yep yuck!
    If you take off 2-3 degrees each day that is our long range forecast! Ugh!
    I had it last week and have aircon guy comming 10am tuesday...be still my heart at the idea of aircon:)

  7. And I thought WE were having a heatwave - 27C!

    But 27C *is* a heatwave - in Dunedin ;-)

    I hope you're coping well with it all. The preserves look delicious...brings me back to my childhood in Adelaide and apricot jam, apricot preserves, apricot crumbles, apricot leather, apricot...everything! Yum!

  8. Happy Australia Day Tanya. There were people with flags on their cars in Geelong today even the taxi got in on the celebration. Our next door neighbours had a pool party with their aussie blow up plastic ball and people sat outside on the side of the road. Its great. xx

  9. Hi Outback! First time here...where did I come from? Tatersmama? Boy, it's heck gettin' old. Okay, a few questions: What is chook? I live in California so have no idea.

    Next: Since you love June Carter Cash (and I do, too) have you ever seen the biography on her through American Experience? I rented it through Blockbuster video if you have that chain there.

    Another One: I'd like to know how to do that picture link thing too if you don't mind or maybe TM can tell me once she's learned.

    Finally: Yikes! Your chooks are gonna dry up (or is that possible?)!

  10. Oh no, too hot..... will tell a fellow blogger about your lamington recipe post as she was asking about traditional Aussie fare.....


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