Friday, September 14, 2012

Computer Woes

Should I disappear from blogland, it would probably mean my laptop has died.  It has been giving me grief this morning and over the last few days. It keeps turning itself off for some reason and takes forever to load. I am hoping it is something simple and can be fixed..I will get hubby to take a look when he gets home today.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



  1. Oh Tania, I hope your hubby can fix it! I hate, hate, hate computer problems.

  2. Uh oh!! I was without my laptop for a week while we waited on a new ac adapter cord, and I was not happy! So I hope it gets fixed very quickly for you!!
    So, you say you don't decorate your homes for the different seasons?
    I find it so interesting to learn more about the way others live, in other areas of both the US, and in other countries!

  3. I know how it feels to be I really hope it is fixable!!!

  4. It is probably getting too hot. Get a can of compressed air and spray off the vents in the bottom of it.


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