Friday, September 14, 2012

What I did today...

So this is what I did today

Not very exciting unless you are a train fanatic...

 Hubby was working so I was asked to capture some pictures of these two...

Steam Locomotive on left, modern day diesel locomotive on the right...

 Quick change of lens...

 Mount Brown in the Flinder's Ranges in the background

 Here they come...


Clickety clack...

This was in celebration of  Trans Australia Railway Centenary. 

These pictures were taken from the railway crossing just around the corner from where we live.

Some very lucky school children got to take the ride... 
Waving to us as they go by, all excited by the experience...

I missed out on getting a full picture of the modern day train because the steam engine block the way...

There they go...

 Now jump into my car and head for the Port Augusta Railway Station in town.

I got stuck behind slow cars, 
so missed the arrival at the station...

 There were people everywhere. It was hard to get a good shot of the locos...

So I took this one looking down from the front loco...

 Local country singer Gabrielle Ballard entertaining the crowd.  
Maybe she will be a big star one day...she is 16 years old and goes to high school with our son. 

 NT76 on the left, diesel electric locomotive.
W 934 on the right, steam locomotive. 

A closer look at the old girl...
She runs every weekend and school holidays on the Pichi Richi Run...

One of the Drivers (with the safety vest on) of the Pacific National Locomotive 9305.

 Queensland Rail Locomotive 6022

 Pacific National is the company Hubby works for...

Hope this post is not too boring :)

My computer hasn't been fixed but I did manage to get this done...better get to and save my photos just in case.



  1. How cool! Train travel has come a long way. I do love the look of the ' old girl ' ...

  2. That is so fascinating to dedicate a day and event to those iron girls! I have always loved trains...we don't see passenger trains around anymore...they have generally become a thing of the past. So sad as they could save a fortune in oil if used for commuting. Maybe some day they will bring them back. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Tania, always interested in a little Aussie history great pics of the trains and the rolling clouds in the background.
    Must admit i have a bit of a soft spot for the older trains,great memories of riding the Red Rattlers.

  4. Very interesting Tania. Great post. Hugs,

  5. This post is definately NOT boring. I love steam trains...bring them back. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xxw

  6. You are one lucky lady:)).. I must admit the eyes were a little misty remembering Pichi Richi rail.. Happy holidays memories for us :))
    Thankyou for sharing :))

  7. Great work Tania! What a wonderful way to spend the day! Nothing like the beautiful old trains!

  8. My friend's father was a train engineer. My friend is crazy about trains. He went Saturday to see a steam engine and freatly enjoyed the experience.

    By the way, word verification is so hard I am going to have to stop reading those blogs. Comment moderation seems enough since blogger catches almost all the spam on my post.

    I do like your blog and will miss it since commenting is so difficult.

  9. I am sorry you are having so much trouble with the word verification on my blog Practical Parsimony :(

    I did remove it for a while but I was bombarded with spam so I had to put it back. I too have trouble reading the words, but I keep trying until I get it right :)

    I will miss your comments.


  10. I love your photo's of the trains.I get goose bumps when I even hear an old steam train(coal) from a distance.Have ridden on the engine as well.Just magic.My husband used to drive(trains in P.A. for a while but has now returned back home.



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