Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Playing around
with a bit of paint on an old piece of wood...

 I like it :)

and a dream sign for the spare bedroom...

 Added some vintage to the spare bed...

 Made a tuna pie...

and vegetarian pasties...

Also time for Quandong picking...

 A nice bucket full...

 There were some nice sized ones too...

Hubby's new invention to reach the quandongs at the top...

Take some pvc pipe

 and your wife's garden rake...

To make this...


Hook the fruit and let it roll down the pipe...


Cut up and make some yum Quandong Crumble!

Quandongs or wild peaches as we call them are indigenous food to arid Australia. When cooking, they need lots of sugar added to make them sweet as they are quite tangy.  They taste similar to rhubarb when cooked and are very good for you because they are vitamin C rich.

A curly carrot I picked the other day...

Trash and treasure finds...
A lovely red and white tablecloth for $5.00.

And an enamel dripping pot for 50cents...

Look at  this lovely bentwood chair I picked up for $25.

 Not sure if I will leave the chair red or not, (hubby doesn't like red, but I do) might bring it back to it's original glory...

 For now I am crocheting a bright round cushion to place on it...

And another granny square blanket is on the way...

So that is what has been happening around here. 

I take a lot of photos but rarely do I get to share them all.
So today you get a mix of everything :)

What about you? What have you been up to?



  1. Love all the pics Tania. I have heard of quandongs before but wasn't sure what you did with them. I love rhubarb so probably would enjoy them. The tuna pie looks delicious, any chance of the recipe?

  2. Hi Tania..I like your pic mix. That quondong picker is ingenious..I'm going to tell my other half about it!

  3. Red is the go....definitely! Love it!

  4. I've tasted Quandongs...gag! lol.
    I like that red chair though and the tablecloth.
    I haven't been up to enough but that's going to change...soon...I hope...


  5. You have been busy, love the look of those pasties, I really must make some myself.

  6. You have been busy! Love all the pictures..the chair is gorgeous and the tablecloth..well, one of my favorites. Your hubby is a genius! I will have to remember that trick for crabapples next fall! Have a great week!

  7. Well, I had not ever heard of that type of fruit, so I was glad you explained. What a clever little device made to pick them!!! Love the chair, the cloth, the pot and the the chair cover you are making! Also the granny squares!! You have been quite busy!!!
    XO Kris

  8. what an invention! you should copyright it!

  9. what a great invention! you should copyright it

  10. I like seeing snippets of other people's lives. :) 10 out of 10 for the quandong picker! I wouldn't normally go for red in furniture but one cute red chair like that would make an exception. Oh, and make that another request for the tuna pie recipe- pretty please.

  11. Hubby's invention is great, how ingenious is that lol!!
    Can't wait to see your granny squares rug when it is complete. Can you share your pastie recipe with us?? Pretty please lol.
    I love your creative painting too, and can I also ask what name that colour of paint is called that you painted the dream decoration in?
    Gee I am asking alot today lol, sorry!!
    Colleen xoxo

  12. Great to get an update on all things random... I love that carrot :) I wonder what the story was that made it grow like that? My daughter collected chairs similar to that and painted them black with red hibiscus flowers on them - they look stunning.

  13. Wow, that chair is great. what a score and the cushion looks fab so far Tania......
    Great way to pick the Quandongs and the crumble looks yuummmeeee.....
    Loving the colours of your new rug.
    Lots going on at your place, lovely post.....

    Claire :}

  14. I need Phil to make me one of those wild peach-picking things. I can't reach most of mine and have to wait for them to drop!

  15. A great update Tania! I've not tried quandongs, but they look a bit like the native cherry we grow, cant' think of the name. cheers Wendy

  16. I think you've been shopping at my mum's house - we had that exact same tablecloth and dripping tin!

  17. You have been busy Tania, I especially love the granny. My parents have a similar device for getting to the mangoes at the top of the tree but use an old large fruit or tomato tin so the mangoes can nestle in nicely without getting bruised. Genius!

    xx Susan

  18. Hi Tania,

    I think your husband should patent that a great idea.

    Hope the computer gets back to normal.

    Lil Bit Brti


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