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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Port Augusta Sunsets and Sunrises,

Another post with lots of photos...

Sundown on the foreshore at Port Augusta


You can see where Port Augusta is located on this map, at the top of Spencer Gulf...

The nearby bridge that crosses over the sea from east to west and vice versa...

The old and the new bridges...the old one is no longer in use for vehicles, but can be walked on and fished from...

 Pontoon and boats,
 on the jetty looking up the gulf...

 I was hoping for a nice bright red sunset, but this one will do...

 Big ships used to come into this wharf many years ago...some old pics can be found here



Having a bit of fun after work...

 The stairway up to the bridge. (I will take some more pictures from up there later)

Looking back toward the shore from the little jetty I was on...

Looking out along the jetty...


 Boat arriving home...

 Sunrise in pictures
Taken from our driveway looking toward Mt Brown.

Temperature on this day (Thursday) was 37C (98.6F)

Sundown at the end of the hot day, 
from our back yard...

Love the little bit of cloud over the sun as it sunk down...

It is cooler now for a little bit then hotting up again by next Thursday.

For my overseas friends, Port Augusta and the surrounding areas experience very hot and dry  conditions in Summer with temperatures that can reach up to 122F (50C). Thank goodness this doesn't always happen, but we can have up to two weeks at a time of extreme heat with temperatures somewhere between 113F (45C) and 118.4F (48C).  We also dont receive much rain here, but the Australian outback does provides some beautiful sunrises, sunsets and scenery...On my side bar is The Sentimental Bloke, he shows spectacular pictures of the nearby outback if you want to have a look.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,



  1. Hi there Tania,
    Thankyou so much for those pics... so beautiful... I love Port Augusta, have visited a few times, staying at the caravan park last time we camped.. Quorn is a little town with wide streets, Amazing really..
    You are right in saying a winding road lol..but the view is so worth it :))
    But then all of Aus is so exciting to explore... Love your blog :))
    hugs Pat in tas ..

  2. Tania...those are some stunning photos! Just lovely. I find it so very interesting to learn about the different parts of our world!!! Fascinating!

  3. Such beautiful photos Tania. I love Port Augusta but haven't been there for many years. It was always such a welcome relief to get there after driving from Western Australia on the way to Melbourne or Sydney.
    Anne xx

  4. I have the song Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof in my head now :D Cool photos. I see the Murray river marked on that map, one day I would love to take one of those house boats up the river, looks idyllic :D

  5. Lovely photos! Especially the sunset - love how you captured all of the stages.

  6. Come back to see if I get that message and nothing, all good my end ☻

  7. I am huge fan of a sunset, the colours are always magical!! I haven't been to Port A for years and my memories as a child weren't very good! I have always wanted revisit the Flinders Rangers, one day perhaps:)


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