Monday, September 17, 2012

Trouble with Word Verification

I wish to apologise to anyone who experiences trouble reading with the word verification set up on my blog. I did remove it for a while but my comment box became inundated with spam so I felt the need to put it back on.  I too have trouble reading some of the words and numbers, but I persist until I get one right.  It doesn't happen to me that often thank goodness.

Thank you to all my friends who continue to comment even though the word verification is annoying.

A beautiful day here today, so I am off out to the veggie garden to plant out my rhubarb.  For those that requested, I will post the recipe for Tuna Pie and Vegetarian Pasties tomorrow :)



  1. No worries Tania, :))
    have a great day in your garden .
    :)). it is overcast and cold here.. I just wish summer would hurry up ..

  2. Yes, some are a real problem and I can see how it would stop true spammers. Seven has been the most tries that I have needed with some blogs. Not just yours though. Some are easy as but others...not! lol.

    The one below...not so easy to read. lol.


  3. No probs, Tania. I have word verification on mine too and I still get spam - over 20 over the weekend. Mostly ones selling Viagra, Louis Vuitton handbags (might have to take up an offer!) and other assorted crap.
    I find the less you think about what you are typing, the easier to interpret the letters... sometimes!

  4. Some of those verifications can be hard to read but I usually guess it right.
    Enjoy your time in the garden today.

  5. It would be better if we didn't have so much trouble reading the things! Sometimes I have to type it in three times before I get it right.

  6. Good luck with the planting! I understand that some need to keep the word verification on their blos. No biggie.
    XO Kris

  7. I understand this as sometimes you wonder if anyone follows you anymore then a nice email arrives to say they have trouble with the letters etc,i have no idea how to remove them but as you say then you get scammers.

  8. Word verification is a pain but I totally understand why you have it in place. I've been getting spam too and am resisting putting word verification on but might if it gets any worse.
    Rhubarb, yummy. My chooks scratched my plants out so maybe it's time to get some more.
    Have a fab evening.
    Anne xx

  9. I have been so lucky and never get any spam and have been able to remove my word verification for the time being. Never say never hey! It is a pain but when you truly wnat to say something it is worth the effort I think

  10. No worries Tania and looking forward to those recipes!

  11. Don't worry! It is worth having! Hope you have a blessed day too!

  12. well I'm glad that I'm not the only one who obviously has trouble with word verif.
    I have to put my glasses on and look at it just the right way and then I usually get it right.
    Understand why you have it though - and it's not just your blog, so don't feel that you have to apologise! cheers Wendy

  13. I can understand why it's used, also have experienced frustration getting it right. I'm sure other platforms (ie. other than Blogger) have systems that are a little more human-friendly. I'm not sure Blogger is that interested in fixings these annoying issues like photo sizing and removing blogs from Blogs I'm Following.

  14. I know exactly what you mean Tania. I had mine taken off when they started to make the verification too hard to read, but I got so tired of the spam. Very frustrating, but like you I've just had to put it back on too.
    ps- that tuna pie looks yum!

  15. Hi Tania, regarding the verification, you can turn that off but keep the moderation on, you won't get spam that way, I don't anyway.
    So you've lost a follower, heck if you enjoy someones blog, you put up with little things like word verification, if that's all they've got to worry about then lucky them! :D ♥

  16. You can change who can leave comments, change it so that anonymous people can't post, that will stop the spam.....that's the key, get rid of the word verification and leave moderation on. This works for me, honest. ♥


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