Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Tumbling tumble weed that the wind blew in today. I call it buckbush.

View of some storm clouds going past. Taken from our place, on a better day.

I found this cheapskates website mentioned in the latest Grassroots magazine I bought yesterday. It is another money saving site, similar to Simple Saving you may have heard of it already, if not go have a look. It is Australian and offers a free newsletter.

Another horrible hot day here today with lots of raised dust, yeah! Temperature was 34C,
( 93.2 F). It has cooled down but still no rain.

Best wishes to you and yours,


  1. Hi Tania,

    I loved the tumble weed.

    It was hot here today. It was cooler inside, even with the remains of the fire in the heater.

  2. Hi Tania,
    The tumbleweed is cool. wow how hot is the weather. I feel for you and others in your area.

  3. Hi Tania, I found you through Linda. You have a lovely blog and your photos are just great, all so interesting.

  4. I love the tumble weed. It is so cold here today, 16 degrees. I hope you had a bit of a break from the heat....


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