Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life is busy

I had a busy weekend having a lot of cleaning and tidying to do in preparation for starting work again yesterday.
Saturday I got to do a bit of cooking, a banana cake and some Anzac biscuits. I had my grandson to look after and he slept over on Saturday night.
The spoilt pup in the picture is my daughter's and I babysat him over the weekend as well while his parents went to Adelaide to catch up with friends. I am not sure who is more trouble, dog or children? Children are less work I think. This dog, Bailey is spoilt rotten and full of importance, me, me,me. And I might add that he chews everything!! My banana cake (I will post the recipe when I have a bit more time)
and Anzac biscuits

Canna in flower

Little flowering Purple plant

Sunday afternoon our son played his second game of soccer. Their team won again 9 goals to 2. He plays for the Stirling Strikers Gold team. Dear son kicked three of them. He is seen here warming up with his team mates before the game, he is number 8.

On the field playing.

I started back at work yesterday caring for a two year old boy. Today I have a five month old baby girl and the two year old.
My middle daughter has returned to Melbourne , and is coming home for again for Christmas which isn't far away now.
Hot here today with 34C (93.2F).
Have a great day where ever you are.


  1. I can cook almost anything but my anzac biscuits are the worst - if you have time can you post that recipe too please!!!!

    Been watching the weather in your part of the country you have had a run of it haven't you?? Is it normal for the time of year???


  2. daisymum, I will post the recipe for the Anzac biscuits as well. The weather has actually been mild this year to date. Normally we would have more days over 40C but we have had only one day so far. Very, very dry though, should have had more rain.

  3. Some one elses dogs are always more trouble than children.
    Is your soccer season still on? Ours finnished the middle of september as it gets to hot to play after that..And it is a lot hotter where you are.

  4. Your cooking looks yummy. Banana cake is one of my favourites & I love Anzac biscuits if I get them right (like daisymum) Christmas will come along before we know it and you will get to see your daughter I'm looking forward to seing my son

  5. I hope work is going well Tania.

  6. I think this blog is hot Tania. Come and collect your award from my blog.



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